October 15
00:00 2015

To the Big 4

Alumni Association, thanks for your work

To the Editor:

Being the only living of the three honored Big 4 Band Directors (April 25, 2015), Harry D. Wheeler – Atkins High School, Bernard T. Foy, Sr. – Paisley High School, and Rudolph V. Boone Sr. – Carver High School, I want to publicly thank all who participated in any way for making this historical event and honor happen and a great success.

The Big 4 Alumni Association of Forsyth County Inc., accepted the responsibility of petitioning the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board to honor these three men. The School Board approved the petition unanimously.

The Big 4, with Beverly F. Williams as coordinator of the Dedication Program (and lettering) had a “first-class program,” honoring these directors shortly after the names of the directors were installed on the buildings (band rooms) of the respective schools.

The most challenging, time-consuming and sacrificial component of the entire project was that of raising $3,678.57 to pay for installing the letters on the buildings.

Many thanks to those six organizations and 20 individuals who gave generous contributions, which exceeded that goal. That excess amount, plus any further contributions to honor these men (as a group or individually) will be deposited in the Big 4 AA of FC Inc.’s Scholarship Fund, Box 24872, Winston-Salem, NC 27103. Groups or individuals should send further contributions to the above organization/address.

The Big 4 AA of FC Inc. is celebrating its 21st Reunion Weekend (Oct. 15-17 Theme: Moving Forward … Together) and should be commended for its many contributions to this community.

The top officers are: Eric Martin (president), Colista Ramseur-Green (secretary) and James McCants (treasurer). Presidents of the four alumni groups are: Theodis Foster Anderson; George Johnson, Atkins; Sarah Hill Carter, Carver; and James Pickens, Paisley.

On behalf of the families of Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Foy and mine, thanks to all of you for this high and noble honor.

Rudolph V. Boone Sr.



Happy Birthday,

W-S Chronicle; thanks for for 41 years

To the Editor:

Thank you, Chronicle for being an instrumental institution for 41 years, recording the news and celebrations of the African-American community of Winston-Salem.

Our stories are rarely highlighted even today in the media. Your consistent chronicling of our successes, failures, untold stories, religious celebrations and just plain human experiences are an immeasurable asset in our community.

When other media outlets either omitted or didn’t consider it newsworthy to publish, you have been there to give our concerns a steady voice.

As a native son, I know when other attempts were made by people like the late Mr. Robert A. Miller, who wrote a column in the Journal reporting on all the activities in our community back in the ’50s, other attempts were made by other leaders, but the Chronicle accomplished what others were only able to attempt.

I appreciate all of the other attempts for their efforts, but I wish you continued success and many birthdays to come as you model what community news should be in the African-American community of Winston-Salem.


Fleming El-Amin


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