Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
August 16
10:04 2018

Voters, paper have job to seek what candidates say

To the Editor:

In the Aug. 2, 2018, edition of The Chronicle, p. A6, you printed a political cartoon about DD Adams and Virginia Foxx. Both are portrayed as sleeping and running a dull campaign.

May I suggest this cartoon portrays The Chronicle itself as dull and sleepy and not doing a good paper’s job. I see your job as seeking and reporting the news, not as a dilettante who waits for material to fall in its lap. Both candidates have websites, campaign offices, volunteers and active endeavors to reach voters. Both have made speeches at many places in the state. Voting records show the candidates’ actual performance and political stance.

You, as well as the state’s voters, have a responsibility to seek information that reveals candidates in their best indication of possible performance in the job and to generate interest in the campaigns. Your responsibility is to help voters be informed. Voters have the responsibility to seek and analyze information to help choose the best candidate. A campaign is not an entertainment production. It unites all in our civic duty to govern ourselves.

I am volunteering for DD Adams for Congress, who is mounting a positive campaign with clearly stated interests. She welcomes discussion and debate.

Where have the staff and cartoonist of The Chronicle been?

Jill Carraway



N.C. Democrats reaffirm commitment to Social Security

To the Editor:

Social Security has long protected American workers and their families by providing a sense of safety in times of financial uncertainty. Countless North Carolinians depend on Social Security to stabilize their paths to success and to smooth their transitions into retirement, and it is crucial that we continue to build upon and strengthen this vital program.

Republican lawmakers, however, have undermined people’s retirement stability with massive tax breaks for the wealthiest few and threatened cuts to Social Security benefits. Democrats stand resolute in our defense of this important program and, today, reaffirm our commitment to its continued success.

Wayne Goodwin, Chairman

North Carolina Democratic Party


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