Local minister seeks to make an impact with his written words

Local minister seeks to make an impact with his written words
September 19
00:10 2019

Jarrod Dixon Sr. will have a book signing on Oct. 12 at the Forsyth County Central Library promoting his ninth book, “The Fantabulous Golden Lightning Bolts,” which is part two to his previous book, “The Golden Lightning Bolts.” The book signing will be from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

“The Fantabulous Golden Lightning Bolts” will be the ninth book written by Dixon. The two books are based on the Christian superheroes created by Dixon. The idea for the books were inspired from a previous book titled “The Travelers Touch Saga.”

“This is a spinoff of book seven of the ‘Travelers Touch Saga,’ where angels have empowered Christians to become superheroes,” said Dixon. “I don’t want to give away the story, but this is a story about the importance of family. This is going to be a trilogy, so there will be one more book after this one.”

Dixon says he has written the books in a style that lends itself to the movie screen. Dixon is a screenwriter and producer as well. He is also an associate minister at First Waughtown Baptist Church.

Dixon was inspired to start writing while finishing up his degree in Christian counseling and psychology.

“It was a combination of writing sermons for nearly two decades and writing all of the psychology papers in school that really got me into writing,” he said. “It came almost natural to write the sermons, all I had to do is add the creativity to it, so when it comes to the book, I just wrapped it around imagination and creativity and packaged it as a book.”

Being aware of the current landscape of millennials in the church, Dixon says he knows they are more visual than previous generations, so he wrote the book in a way that seems more like a movie script. His hope is his series of books attracts the younger generation to the ministry in some way.

“It’s a method to my madness of how I’m going to get my message out,” he continued. “My prayer and my hope is that this will stir up an interest to draw a line to God and He may draw a line to them. You have to have a game plan with millennials, because they don’t want to listen to a lot of preaching, they would rather see you living the sermon.”

Dixon said his unique writing style separates him from other authors. He has an “old school” feel to much of his writing that appeals to a broad demographic.

“I am old school, so I have a vast knowledge of music and it just flows out through my writing and my sermons,” Dixon said. “You have to be you in everything you do, so I incorporate that into my writing.”

Dixon’s ministry is called Touching Lives Ministry and they seek to empower others to “touch someone else’s life.” His goal is to become financially stable to go into the ministry full time, so he can have the means to positively impact the lives of more people.

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