‘Not Just A Market – A Destination’

‘Not Just A Market – A Destination’
August 15
00:00 2014

Flashbacks of a 2010 adventure to beautiful Brazil, a 2012 business trip to Puerto Rico, a 2013 excursion to my beloved Paris – I have fond memories of all of these trips. What currently sticks out in my mind about each of these grand voyages – the vendors’ market.

Not only are there magnificent markets in international destinations; our wonderful country has some of the most memorable and visited markets. Among them are the Chelsea Market in New York, the Historic Charleston City Market in South Carolina, the Chattanooga Market in Tennessee and the Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. And, yes, I have visited them all.

One of the great things about these markets is they have a distinct variety of vendors to pique the interests and meet the needs of local residents; they also have an eclectic mix of arts, crafts, handmade jewelry and items distinct to their locale to spark the curiosity of travelers. The Market here in Winston-Salem will mirror the same. The Liberty Street Vendor’s Market has been dubbed, “Not Just A Market – A Destination.”

It is both amazing and exciting: the number of telephone calls and emails that have flooded in from those interested in this new venture. Entrepreneurs and customers alike are looking forward to this year-round market, which will encourage the community and spur the economy. Set up at 1591 N. Liberty Street, the Market will provide fresh fruits and vegetables in the midst of a food dessert and host an array of vendors who will highlight the city’s ethnic diversity and thriving arts scene. Many vendors have already submitted their applications and secured their spots.

In the coming weeks, you’ll get a sneak preview of some of the vendors and their goods. They include local farmers, youth entrepreneurship programs, an international artist, food trucks and talented bakers. A glimpse into the special events and seasonal festivals will have you asking, “When can we begin our journey to this great destination?”
Soon. Very Soon.

Spaces are available for fresh produce, art, crafts, baked goods, jewelry, apparel and other items. For guidelines, applications and additional information, please contact Terrance McNeil at 336-793-3441 or Internships and volunteer opportunities are also available.

Mercedes Miller,  Guest Columnist

Mercedes Miller,
Guest Columnist

Mercedes L. Miller is owner of Mercedes-Empowers, Inc., which has won the City of Winston-Salem contract to operate the Liberty Street Vendor’s Market.

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