We have to fight for our candidates

We have to fight for our candidates
April 02
00:00 2015

Ernie Pitt, From the Publisher

As we approach the 2016 elections, there is much we need to do and much we can do. The racist elements in our state and nation have made it quite plain that their intent is to make us poorer and a non-entity in the governance of OUR country.

How long is it going to take for us to realize that we must come together as one and fight this nonsense? We have to realize and recognize that the gentry class will say and do anything to achieve THEIR goals, which very rarely means anything good for our people.

Why are we so eager to please those who are literally trying to destroy us? Why would any sane black American support the policies of a racist party that advocates eliminating healthcare for everyone; cutting food stamps for the poor; denying equal rights to the LBGT community; reducing taxes for the rich; denying tax deductions for homeowners, etc…etc…etc.

Now, my real point is that we as minorities have the ability to change some of that. In 2016, we have an individual, in fact, two individuals we should support — Ken Spaulding, who’s running tit-for-tat with Roy Cooper for governor; and, Linda Coleman, who very nearly won the lieutenant governor’s race in the last election.

The only thing that’s really missing is our community’s commitment to making it happen. No Democrat can win an election without our vote. So, what’s keeping us from supporting qualified candidates from our own community? We have to make a commitment to win. That means raising money, getting the word out, one-on-one pushing for our candidates. Just because our candidate may be behind or even perceived as being unelectable, we still have to fight.

We owe it to our ancestors who have really paid the price. We can vote now … but, for how long? Our people suffered untold atrocities for that simple act. Don’t we owe them a good fight? Our people have been lynched, burned at the stake, crucified, whipped beyond imagination, enslaved, taught to hate one another, to spy on one another. When are we going to end this madness?

I say it is totally up to us to change this paradigm. No one is going to do anything for us but us. We need to fight for Ken Spaulding and Linda Coleman. They are our only real hope for dignity and change.

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