Letters to the Editor: Track Projects and Electoral Maps

Letters to the Editor: Track Projects and Electoral Maps
August 18
07:25 2016

Train track  projects improve rail transportation

To The Editor:

I recently enjoyed a unique train ride from Raleigh to Charlotte and back on the American View, an Amtrak car with a special all-glass front. The trip offered me and my fellow passengers a new perspective on the state’s rail network and the improvement projects taking place in Lexington and Thomasville.

Improving our freight rail service and enhancing rail safety are two important aspects of Governor McCrory’s 25-Year Vision for transportation in North Carolina, and North Carolina’s rail system is hard at work on projects that accomplish both. Two of the closed crossings are in Davidson County. Another project, the Thomasville to Davidson Double Track Project, is adding four miles of second track which will let passenger trains to safely pass slower freight trains. The additional track will help reduce congestion, increase reliability and decrease travel time between Raleigh and Charlotte. The project will also improve a railroad bridge over Rich Fork Creek and construct new railroad bridges over Hamby Creek tributary and Abbotts Creek. These bridges will also prevent collisions between trains and cars.

I encourage you to visit to learn more about PIP and our state’s railroad system.

Robert Broome

Director of Communications


Court overrules GOP majority again over maps. Where does it stop? 

To the Editor:

The people of North Carolina have a right to vote in constitutional districts. The federal court ruled today [Aug. 11] that 28 districts in our state are in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution because race was the predominant factor in the drawing of those districts.

Our Republican majority continues to ignore the courts and pass unconstitutional laws.  So much so that the court cited that this legislature failed to heed the guidance that could have prevented this litigation.

Our citizens have again been denied their constitutional rights to vote by Republicans –this time under racially gerrymandered state legislative districts. Republican leadership has cost the people of the citizens of the state more than $9 million in legal fees.  Where does it stop?

Rep. Larry D. Hall

Democratic Leader

N.C. House of Representatives

Note: On Aug. 11, the Fourth Circuit ordered new maps drawn for 28 districts in North Carolina.

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