Letters to the Editor: Library donations and 2016 election

Letters to the Editor: Library donations and 2016 election
September 01
07:45 2016

Donate to help students learn and enjoy library in East Winston 

To the Editor:

We are writing this letter on behalf of the Friends of the Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center, (formally named East Winston Library). We are in need of donations to help support the programs that we assist for this library.

Over the years, East Winston Library has served in the support of providing funds

for the children’s Summer Reading Program, assistance with the back-to-school supplies and food, free and low-cost books, documental movies, DVDs, CDs and other programs.

We also were responsible for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Heritage Center, and in May 2016, we are proud to have spear-headed the unveiling of the Historical Marker for this library.

Many of the children in our city don’t have the access to computers, books and other research items in their homes, so they are able to come here and feel safe to get help with their homework, read a book, mentoring and the use of the computers.

This has been made possible through the generous funding that we have received from our members, fundraising, our community and citizens like you.

As our end of the year is fast approaching, we are still in need of additional donations to continue our positive works at the Heritage Center and in the community.

We believe that it has been the spirit of giving that has allowed this library to remain, and we would like for you to make a generous contribution to support our efforts through check or money order payable to: Friends of the Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center, P.O. Box 20022, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.

For further information, call 336-749-5090 or email

Friends of the 


East Winston Heritage Center Rev. Andrea Walker, President

Poetry event involving children shows promise for future

To the Editor:

If you missed the Youth Poetry Slam on July 28 at the W. R. Anderson Jr. Community Center, be sure to attend next summer. The creative energy in the room was palpable as children ages 5-12 spoke their poems from the stage to an audience of friends and family.

I was honored to represent Winston-Salem Writers at the judges table. The hard work that staff members Betty Wallace and Bryant McCorkle had done was evident, and the serious work on the part of the children warrants recognition.

These children may look like fun-loving summer campers — and they are. But more importantly, they are young poets, already discovering their voice. Somewhere among them, you will find the next Lucille Clifton, the next Langston Hughes.

To these writers, I say, “Keep writing, and continue to develop the voice only you have been given.”

Donna Wallace President, 

Winston Salem Writers

Trump’s plan on undocumented immigrants is dangerous

To the Editor:

Donald Trump reinforced today [Aug. 25] that he would deport 16 million people, including every undocumented immigrant and American citizen born here to undocumented parents.  Confirming what we’ve seen from the start of his campaign: Donald Trump will be Donald Trump. No one can change his hateful rhetoric or dangerous policies to send a deportation force into American communities, rescind DACA and DAPA, end birthright citizenship, and even ban remittances to families in Mexico in order to help build his giant wall.

He may try to disguise his plans by throwing in words like “humane” or ” fair,” but the reality remains that Trump’s agenda echoes the extreme right’s will – one that is fueling a dangerous movement of hatred across the country.

Enough is enough. Donald Trump must stop playing games with the lives of law-abiding immigrant families in order to save his campaign. These are families who con-tribute to the greatness of our country and that need a president who will fight to keep them together – not someone who will denigrate them and tear them apart.

Jennifer Palmieri 

Hillary for America 

Communications Director 

Clinton plans will help rural North Carolina

To the Editor:

Last week, U.S. Rep. G. K. Butterfield [D.-1st District] and Greenville, N.C. Mayor Allen Thomas released a new report on how Hillary Clinton’s economic plans will benefit the economy of rural North Carolina.

The plan cites an analysis of an independent report by a former economic adviser for U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Butterfield said: “Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are running to build an economy that works for all people, not just those at the top. And when they say ‘all,’ they mean it. Analysis based on the findings of a former economic advisory to John McCain found that Hillary’s jobs plan could create more than 325,000 jobs here in North Carolina. She focuses on the fundamentals of growth that we’ve known here in North Carolina for a long time – her plan will invest in our small businesses, invest in our roads and bridges, combat rural poverty, and support North Carolina’s farmers.”

Arial Ruffin

North Carolina Press 

Assistant Hillary For America 

Raleigh/New York

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