Sisters make a name for themselves with lemonade business

Sisters Imani and Nina Joins

Sisters make a name for themselves with lemonade business
August 24
04:00 2017

Nothing says summer like an ice-cold glass of lemonade. And for the past two summers, Imani and Nina Joins have been serving arguably the best glass of summer in the city. At the young ages of 6 and 4, the dynamic duo known as Two Sisters and a Lemon, offers a variety of flavors, including pineapple-mango and watermelon just to name a couple.

The idea to venture into the lemonade business started last summer when the girls got excited about entrepreneurship when they saw their mother, Se’Quoia Joins, who creates custom-made hair bows, tutus, and other accessories. She said they were riding in the car one day when the girls came up with the idea themselves

“We asked our mommy if we could sell our own lemonade,” Imani said.

The sisters started out with the original lemonade flavor but as the girls’ imagination started to flourish, the business and variety of flavors continued to grow. In just a few months, the girls added strawberry lemonade, peach, and watermelon. Even when she doesn’t think a flavor will work, Se’Quoia Joins lets the girls show their creativity and give it a try, and more times than not customers like their ideas.

“I let them come up with all the flavors. I just get them the ingredients they need and help when I need to. We argue about the flavors all the time but most of the time they’re right,” Joins laughed.

This year, the sisters have added fresh baked cookies and a bubble gum infused lemonade to the menu that is getting a lot of attention. When asked what was their best seller, Nina said the watermelon, but when asked to pick her favorite, she couldn’t pick just one.

“I like pineapple-mango, regular lemonade, watermelon and bubble gum,” Nina smiled.

Along with flavors that you can’t get anywhere else, something else that sets Two Sisters and a Lemon apart are the ingredients. The sisters only use fresh fruits, and syrups to create their masterpiece in a glass. When looking toward the future of the business, Nina, the younger of the two, said she wants to create a cherry-lime lemonade and a blueberry flavor. Imani has even bigger dreams for the business.

“I want the lemonade to be sold in stores like Wal-Mart and the other grocery stores,” she said. “I want our lemonade to be in all the big stores.”

The girls set up shop at a number of locations around the city. Their products can be purchased from Greater Commission Community Church on Ogburn Avenue, Positive Image Performing Arts on Patterson Avenue, and Rupert Bell Community Center and Park at 1501 Mt. Zion Place. If you can’t catch the sisters at these locations, Joins said their motto is, “Catch Us In Traffic.”

“We keep a cooler with lemonade with us most places we go,” said Joins. “So, if you can’t find us, just give us a call and we will come to you.”

For more information on Two Sisters and A Lemon, visit their official Facebook page or place an order by giving the sisters a call at 336-997-0463. 

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