‘Time flies when you’re having fun’

‘Time flies when you’re having fun’
October 26
07:00 2017

Revealed Church of Christ was founded on humble beginnings.  Starting with only three members, the church has continued to grow in numbers but more importantly has grown spiritually.  On Saturday, Oct. 21, the church celebrated its 36th anniversary at the Event Center in Winston-Salem.

The event included games, great food and music for everyone to dance to. Church pastor and founder James Taylor Sr. says it does not feel as though it has been 36 years.
“It seems like it has only been like 14 years or so but definitely doesn’t feel like 36 years,” said Taylor Sr.  “Time flies when you’re having fun I guess.”

Taylor Sr. says he was called to start his own ministry by the Lord.  He says one night he was prophesied to; that just confirmed what God had already told him.

“You know sometimes when you hear the Lord speak to you, you wonder is that God or is that me?,” he said.  “When he came and said it, he put his finger right on what I was already thinking.  I’ve never been a hardheaded child, so when God said go, I went.”

Taylor Sr. feels as though it is a sign of God’s blessing the way his church has grown over the past 36 years.  He says it’s not about the numbers, but then again, it is about the numbers when it comes to the number of people getting saved.

“That’s my lunch on Sunday; if someone gets saved, I am as full as I can be,” he continued.  “Because that is what it is all about: souls. That’s what God loves, is the souls of men.”
Chronicle Publisher James Taylor Jr. says he was born and raised in the church.  He feels as though Revealed Church is meant to be a church that is smaller in size.

“I don’t think we will ever be one of those local mega churches, but we are small because we are mighty,” Taylor Jr. said.  “Just to see us go from where we were 36 years ago to seeing where we are now, I’m really pleased. I’m excited to see the growth and to see so many people being impacted every day, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Demetrius Taylor, first lady of Revealed Church of Christ, says the last 36 years have gone by way too fast for her.  She says she was so happy to see how far the church has come.
“The time has gone by quick, real quick, like time is flying by,” said Mrs. Taylor.  “When you enjoy people and have a good time, it’s a joyful thing and it’s not hard, it’s easy.  I love it and it shows that our work is not in vain.  Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard what God has prepared for us, so I am just enjoying it.”

To conclude the evening, everyone in attendance took their place on the microphone to give a special word to the pastor and first lady.  Taylor Sr. says it warms his heart to hear all of the great things people said about him and his wife.
“The Bible says be weary when all men speak well of you but everyone here is like family,” Taylor Sr. said.  “A pastor is no better than his sheep.  If his sheep are rotten, then so is he, and that is the nature of things.  To see them doing well makes me happy.  As God blesses them, he blesses me.”


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