Motivational speaker fulfilling his dream

Motivational speaker fulfilling his dream
November 30
03:00 2017

What does it take to succeed? Belief in yourself, a Christian-based motivational speaker says.

Olu Browne presented keys for success at the #WakeUpandWin event Saturday morning, Nov. 25, at the Southside Public Library on Buchanan Street. In promotional material he said he is “seeking an opportunity to assist you in fulfilling your goals and dreams.”

“That’s just a passion of mine,” Browne said.

Browne mentioned Les Brown, a well-known motivational speaker, in his presentation. Browne is on the path to success himself and could become as famous as Brown by overcoming the odds against him. He’s already overcome odds.

Browne, a deacon at Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, came from Monrovia, Liberia, in the 1987. His father died when he was 9, and his mother had to raise seven children by herself. She didn’t have a college education. Browne is now an engineer with the city of Winston-Salem as well as a motivational speaker.

“If I can do it [succeed], anyone can,” Browne said.

In his presentation, Browne told about how he had a janitorial business years ago while he had a full-time job. He said it was hard having to go to the janitorial business after he worked at his day job. Eventually, he realized that he needed to pursue his dream. For years he had the passion but not the belief in himself. He had a fear of speaking before people. He has overcome that fear and has been on the motivational speaker circuit for a year.

“You’ve got to believe in yourself and your dream,” Browne said. “You’ve got to call things into being as though they already are.”

Browne said people should not let negative people influence them. “All they want to do is wimp and whine. All they want to do is blame others for not reaching their goals,” Browne said. “If you’re going to reach your goals and dreams, it’s up to you. If you want a better life, it’s on you. You have to take action. It’s on you.”

Browne said people should take the time now and then to clear out cell phones of negative people and surround themselves with positive people.

“Most people go through life playing it safe. You’ve got to become a risk-taker,” Browne said.

Christofer Edwards was at the Browne event.

“He’s a great speaker,” said Edwards, a youth minister at Galilee. “He brought some things to light, such as the average person dies at 25 even though they might live until 70, which kind of resonated with me, because I believe that at a certain point in time in life, we stop moving forward and chasing our dreams” and are not living the life “we were led to live.”

“It was very motivational to me,” Edwards said.

Calvin Nesbitt sponsors Browne through his Archangel Transportation, which provides airport shuttle and Amtrak station shuttle services as well as executive services and services for special events.

He said Browne is a great motivator.  “He motivates me to be the best I can be,” Nesbitt said.

Nesbitt, chairman of the Galilee Deacon Board, said every presentation Browne makes is new and fresh.

Can Browne rival Les Brown?

“He can. That’s what he’s promoting. He has to believe in himself,” Nesbitt said.

Olu Browne is open to bookings. To reach Browne, call 336-997-2569 or email or Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and

Archangel Transportation can be reached at 336-971-5034 or

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