Remember Alabama as we head into the new year

Remember Alabama as we head into the new year
December 28
05:00 2017

What a year! It has been hard to keep up with President Donald Trump and all the tweeting he does and the GOP Congress as it tries to pull the wool over our eyes. It’s hard trying to keep up with the N.C. GOP General Assembly and all the changes it wants to make to thwart democracy in North Carolina.

As former President George W. Bush lamented once: “It’s hard, it’s hard work!”

But we must continue to be vigilant and speak out and vote for people who have our best interest at heart.

In 2018, we have the chance to make some changes of our own. We will be voting for candidates in several offices on the local, state and national elections. We can make some elected official changes of our own. Where are the candidates who will carry our voices against those who want to hold us back?

Should the battle cry now be: “Remember Alabama!”? Although Democrat Doug Jones did not run away with a victory in Alabama, he ended the race with a victory all the same.

Although we aren’t sure how our elections will be held, with the litigation in place. The courts are expected to rule at a time that will give us a shorter window for some elections.

But we will have a chance to let our voices be heard in 2018. Let’s let out a huge cry across North Carolina at the ballot box so that we won’t be calling it the GOP Congress nor the N.C. GOP General Assembly any more.

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