Old Salem promotes clean hands during flu season

Old Salem promotes clean hands during flu season
February 15
12:00 2018

Old Salem Museums & Gardens visitors and staff are urged to keep their hands clean during flu season.

The early Moravians frequently washed their hands with lye soap and water largely because cleanliness was important to them.  At that time, the Moravians did not know that clean hands helped prevent the spread of diseases by decreasing the spread of germs.  However, the early Moravians in Salem did realize that diseases such as influenza, sore throats and measles spread from person to person. 

To combat sickness, the early Moravians isolated sick people at home or in the Sick Rooms of the Single Brothers’ House, the Single Sisters’ House, and the Girls’ Boarding School until they were better.

Old Salem recently opened the new “Sick Room” at the Single Brothers’ House as part of the new interpretation of the Single Brothers’ House hands-on experience.  In addition, Old Salem opened The Doctor’s House in March 2017 along with an exhibit called “The Moravian Way of Health and Healing,” which features information and historic objects related to how the Moravians treated both serious and common illnesses during the early days of Salem.

Building on this early tradition of having clean hands, Old Salem Museums & Gardens is placing hand sanitizer dispensers in all public buildings.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are being placed in buildings at Old Salem Museums & Gardens, 600 S. Main Street, Winston-Salem.

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