Commentary: ‘This is a call to action!’

Commentary: ‘This is a call to action!’
February 01
09:48 2018

Editor’s note: This speech was delivered Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 at Corpening Plaza in Winston-Salem at the Women’s March.

How do you feel? I am energized, awakened, emboldened, and empowered. My hope for you is that you are awakened, emboldened and empowered to be the change you want to see in our cities, in our states, and in our nation. Feel this energy today. Maintain this energy when you leave the March and then use it to make transformation happen.

There are at least 10 groups involved in organizing the Triad Women’s March who support your values. We need your energy, we need your gifts, and we need your talents. You were made for this moment in time. Collectively, we have the power to make our vision of social justice and equality a reality!

This is a call to action! If you believe deep down that there’s something within you that is powerful, if you believe deep down you were created to make a difference or to make this world a better place, if you have ever thought to yourself that you can do a better job than our current leadership, then this is your moment! This is your destiny! It is calling you to act now! Women and supporters of women!

Run for office. Support a candidate who supports and advocates our values to end the marginalization of people of color, to protect Black lives, to ensure all of our children have access to quality education, that we all have access to affordable health care, to keep immigrant families who have contributed to our nation together, to protect women’s reproductive health rights, to promote socio-economic equality and opportunity, and to be inclusive of all races, gender identities and religious choice. 

Contribute to an organization represented here today. Join the Winston-Salem Urban League and the Young Professionals in our efforts to empower our community and change lives. Join our committees.

Help us plan and execute. Put your hands and your mind to work. Vote! Get your mama and them, and your brother and them, and your cousin and them and your uncles and them and your church members, friends, and neighbors out to the polls and working in these organizations! This is how we win. It is not enough to march and be energized for one day.

This is a movement, so keep it moving! Most importantly, walk in love for all humans. Love tears down the ugly walls of fear and ignorance. Love awakens us to beauty and true living.  Love is a powerful force and if wielded will transform our nation for the better!

For in loving our neighbors there will be no prejudice, there will be no racism, and there will no divisiveness. There will only be unity. This is our freedom! Our social and cultural diversity is our strength. Diversity is our strength because out of it we are powerfully creative and innovative. We will find the answers to give every American the unencumbered path to living the dream and freely pursue happiness.

March to the polls! We’ve got work to do. We can do it together. We will conquer! Yes, we can! Yes, we will!

April Johnson is president of the Winston-Salem Urban League Young Professionals.

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