March 22
04:00 2018

White House drug policy is absurd

To the Editor:

The opioid crisis is a serious problem that requires a serious solution. But the draconian law enforcement provisions included in this [the president’s] proposal are unconstitutional and absurd.

Drug trafficking is not an offense for which someone can receive the death penalty. The Supreme Court has repeatedly and consistently rejected the use of the death penalty in cases where there has been no murder by the convicted individual.

This approach is also disturbingly reminiscent of the war on drugs, which set back American drug policy decades, and codified harm to black and brown people – laws we have just begun to reverse. And like the war on drugs – with a focus on extreme punishments instead of the root causes of drug use and no provisions to address racial disparities – the White House’s proposal will almost certainly fail to solve the actual crisis facing the country.

The administration has, once again, put out a potentially disastrous and ill-thought-out policy proposal into our national discussion. The idea of executing people who sell drugs is ineffective, and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle understand that.

Jesselyn McCurdy, Deputy Director, American Civil Liberties Union, Washington Legislative Office

 Note: The White House announced a new proposal on March 19 for policies that respond to the opioid addiction crisis, including possibly imposing the death penalty for those charged with dealing drugs.

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