Editorial: Spring is here, at least on the calendar

Editorial: Spring is here, at least on the calendar
March 22
05:00 2018

The calendar says spring this year started Tuesday, March 20. This season promotes hope and happiness, and some warmth.

The next day came a touch of winter. No doubt the insertion of a “wintry mix” into the elements matched the mood of the fans of most of the North Carolina universities that were asked to “The Big Dance” but tripped along the way. Only Duke University remains in the 2018 NCAA Basketball Tournament and will be among the teams in the Sweet Sixteen contest.

But all is not lost. Spring heralds a time to get busy. Don’t forget “spring cleaning,” when you can “spring into action.” We already “sprung forward” this month.

And March Madness continues, especially for Duke fans, and those anti-Duke fans who cheer for their opponents.

The season also brings thoughts of rejuvenation. Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Flowers bloom (although that might activate allergies) and the landscape looks pretty.

The Masters golf tournament comes in the spring, bringing thoughts of Tiger Woods (will he make a comeback this year?).

But spring brings thoughts of anniversaries that bring sadness, also. Next month will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was fighting for justice for sanitation workers when he was killed. The sanitation workers are getting attention this year. Their fight for justice has not gone unnoticed by union and non-union pundits.

Spring 2018 is beginning to show signs of the dreary winter, in some respects, with bombings terrorizing Austin, Texas, and now a FedEx facility in San Antonio. Another school shooting was reported this week, this time in Maryland.

And President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are reveling in the firing of Andrew McCabe, deputy FBI director. The New York Times describes McCabe as a 21-year FBI veteran who joined the bureau out of law school and rose to its No. 2 position in 2016. The deputy director is essentially the FBI’s chief operating officer. McCabe was scheduled to retire on Sunday, March 18, which was his 50th birthday. He was fired on Friday, March 18, which seemed to be designed to deny him his much-earned pension.

What season is this again?

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