Women fellowship to usher in conference

Women fellowship to usher in conference
March 08
05:00 2018

Bishop Marvin Cremedy and Pastor Clara Cremedy of Vessels of Honor Church Ministries held a women’s fellowship as a kickoff to their annual conference last Friday.  The point of the fellowship was to uplift the spirit of the women of the church and community before the conference.

The theme of the fellowship was “Don’t Block My Flow.”  The keynote speaker for the event was Apostle Gaynell Walters of Christ in Control Ministries out of Holly Hill, South Carolina.

“We are coming from the Book of John where it talks about the rivers flowing,” said Pastor Cremedy.  “In other words, dont’t let anything block us from letting the Holy Spirit flow through us.  We want to get the women free and excited about the upcoming conference.”

Vessels of Honor was established nine years ago by the Pastor Cremedy and her husband, the bishop.  This is the first year the church has held the fellowship prior to the conference.  Pastor Cremedy says she wanted to hold the conference because she feels women mean so much to the church.

“This is important to me because women carry so much of a burden,” she said.  “Women do so many things for so many people until they get burdened down and don’t have a release, so my mission was to help women get free by establishing a relationship with our Lord and Savior.”

“In the midst of everyday life, we lose focus of who we are and our purpose in life,” she continued.  “So the mission for the women’s fellowship is to help us get free and be able to express ourselves in a way that we can come together with other women and for a unity circle.”

Apostle Walters says she patterned her sermon from the theme of the event.  She says the message was intended to lift the spirits of all the women in attendance.

“The theme is ‘Don’t Block My Flow,’ so that is where I will be ministering from,” said Walters.  “I know it said don’t block my flow, but it’s God speaking to say don’t block His flow.”

“The Scripture says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, so we have to realize it’s not by our might or strength but it is by the strength of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us,” she continued.

Both Walters and Cremedy both echoed the same importance of uplifting the women in the congregation.  They felt the women of the church should learn from one another as much as possible to show they are not alone.

Every seat in the church was filled with the women of the congregation as well as those from the community.  Everyone seemed to embrace the spirit of the event.

“This is to help restore, revive and to awaken the sleeping giant that’s within us as women,” said Cremedy when asked what she hoped the women take away from the service.

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