Editorial: No fake news here after tornado in Greensboro

Editorial: No fake news here after tornado in Greensboro
April 26
09:59 2018

Since Donald Trump has been on the presidential track and since he was elected, Americans have heard him announce that so much of the news in the media is fake news.

While he is jabbering about fake news, his vice president is making some real news.

Vice President Mike Pence toured the tornado damage in Greensboro on Friday, April 20. He was able to talk to families, faith and community leaders on sight, according to his director of strategic media. Pence was in town for a fundraiser for a fellow Republican running for re-election to the U.S. House, but he took time out to visit the devastated areas.
No jabbering here. But there were some hugs.

We hope Mr. Pence will return to the White House and report to Mr. Trump that there is real news being made. That was a real tornado that tore up Greensboro. The devastation is real. The people helping the victims are real.

The victims will no doubt seek federal aid to help them get back on their feet. Will you call that fake news, Mr. President?

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