New JV head coach at West

Charles Thomas will take over the JV basketball team at West Forsyth next season.

New JV head coach at West
June 21
02:00 2018

With the arrival of Howard West as the new head basketball coach at West Forsyth, one could forsee a coaching change on the junior varsity (JV) level as well.  Charles Thomas will replace Brian Lytton as the new JV basketball coach for the Titans’ next season.

Thomas, a Winston-Salem native, stated West has been one of his mentors throughout his coaching career.  Once he heard that West would be taking over the Titans program, he phoned West about his availability.

“Over the years, coach West and I have developed a close relationship and he is one of my basketball mentors, so it only made sense when I heard he got the position to contact him and congratulate him and let him know if he needed me, he could have my services,” said Thomas.  “Once I told him that, we kind of just put everything together.”

Thomas has coached on multiple levels of the sport.  He began his career at East Forsyth before moving on to Walkertown High School.  He has also coached on the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and semi-pro levels as well.

Thomas stepped away from coaching high school basketball for a year last season but says he is ready to get back into the game.  He says high school basketball brings something the other levels do not.

“I missed the different levels of it honestly,” he said.  “I missed the school level aspect of being able to work with my guys every day and see their growth.  You really get to put your imprint on a team that much more.”

West Forsyth traditionally has had an average to above average basketball program over the years.  Recently the program has not enjoyed the same success as years past.  Thomas’ goal is to bring the program back to where it used to be.

“With bringing in new blood to the program, we are definitely looking to compete,” he stated.  “We are definitely looking to be one of those teams everyone has circled on their schedules.  We want other teams to know they will have a long night when they play us.”

Thomas says he is very eager to get going with the season.  Doing a good job and enhancing the kids skill level are two of his main concerns initially.

“I am really just excited to get back into the 4A level because with 4A you’re dealing with a different type of athlete many times,” he said.  “I am looking forward to doing things that I was not able to do in the past, not from lack of effort but there are levels to everything you want to be able to do.”

“I am definitely looking forward to being at a place where we have that much more student body to choose from to try and get the team to where you want to be on a consistent basis,” he continued.

Thomas feels that taking a year off from coaching on the high school level and concentrating on his AAU and semi-pro teams have given him a better perspective as he dives back into the game.

For Thomas, a successful season does not just depend on wins and losses he said.  He simply wants to revitalize the JV program in order to have them ready for varsity sooner than later.

“A successful season for me and for our program on the JV level would be to have teams not want to play us,” he said.  “When you have other coaches calling one another to game plan for you, you know that you’re headed in the right direction.”

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