Certified nursing assistants get special treatment

Certified Nursing Assistants at The Oaks at Forsyth in Winston-Salem show the certificates they received from the ACEY Group during National Nursing Assistants week. In the front row left to right are Sharon Carrigan, Gwen McCarroll and Evelyn Ruivivar. In the back row left to right are Charlita Thompson, Jessica Ford, Deanna Taylor, Sharon Torrence and Dorien Johnson.

Certified nursing assistants get special treatment
July 04
12:00 2018

As we move through our life journey, sometimes we land on a path that requires a little more help.  A caring smile or partner to help connect the necessary services to aid long term care patients helps.

Certified nursing assistants are the wind beneath the wings of many longterm care facilities throughout the community.  Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) don’t get the recognition of other health professionals, such as nurses and doctors. But they provide much-needed assistance to patients, particularly those in nursing homes.

The ACEY Group, part of the Winston-Salem Foundation’s Women’s Fund, recognized nearly 50 CNAs at The Oaks at Forsyth on 901 Bethesda Road celebrate the 41st annual National Nursing Assistants Week on Wednesday, June 13. The week ran in mid-June.

As the CNAs worked their shifts, members of the ACEY Group took the same three shifts and delivered certificates and gift bags as well as warmth and hugs.

“After having a staff person on her team as a resident of The Oaks at Forsyth and observing the quality of care shared by CNAs at that facility, Dr. Lea Vickers, an ACEY Group charter member, encouraged the group to recognize the tremendous commitment and work shown by various employees at The Oaks,”  the group said in a press release. “The CNAs are the persons that give the one-on-one direct care, such as bathing, feeding, and many other services to the patients. Their services are invaluable to the care of the people in the nursing facilities. So we decided to help celebrate National Nursing Assistants Week by giving the special recognition to the CNAs.”

ACEY is an acronym that represents goals of the group: Achievement in the education of women and girls about the power of philanthropy; Commitment to connect with women and girls in the community; encourage self-esteem and empowerment of women and girls; and Yield women and leaders and philanthropists.

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