Why are we angry at James?

Why are we angry at James?
July 12
01:00 2018

Ever since it was reported that LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, I have seen so many vicious social media posts from NBA fans from all across the country.  My question is, why is anyone surprised by this move?

As I stated in a previous column, at his age, James has more on his mind than winning championships.  It would not hurt to win one or two more before his career is over, but James has his eyes on the future, and I don’t blame him.

What did he really have left to prove in Cleveland?  He brought the franchise its first NBA championship along with A+ notoriety for 11 out of his 15 years he has been in the league.  The problem is they were only able to win one championship while having the best player on the planet for 11 years.  It was time for him to move on.

I don’t know why anyone would actually be upset over this move by James.  For me, it creates more intrigue for next season.  Before this move I had in my mind the Warriors would cake walk to another championship, their third in a row. 

I am not saying the Lakers are championship contenders at this very moment, but it sets the table for the inevitable trade rumors that will swirl from now until the trade deadline in early 2019.  The Western Conference is already stacked with about five or six high quality teams, so adding James makes it that much more interesting.

The Lakers have already attracted a few above-average free agents, so be prepared for more to come via trade or the 2019 off season. 

I think people are upset with James because he is the best player on the planet coupled with fact he went to Hollywood.  The Lakers have been one of the best franchises the league has ever seen, so people love to hate them.

It’s only a matter of time before fans get over this move, maybe not so quickly in Cleveland, though.  Remember when he decided to “take his talents” to Miami several years ago?  That worked out pretty well in his favor, winning two championships while going to the finals every year he wore a Heat uniform.

Those fans will come back around at some point in time because they always do, regardless of the sport.  Fans will also cheer for him because he did something the exact opposite of what Kevin Durant did when he left Oklahoma City.  Durant joined a team that was already considered the best in the league, but James is joining a team that didn’t even sniff the playoffs last season.

As the old saying goes, everyone loves an underdog.  With James alone, the Lakers will definitely make the playoffs.  If they find a way to acquire another superstar such as Kawhi Leonard by the trade deadline, things could get really interesting out west.

I know the Warriors added DeMarcus Cousins this off-season and the Rockets still have James Harden and Chris Paul, but a team with Kawhi and LeBron would be difficult to stop.

LeBron James has a master plan.  I’m sure he is well aware he only has two or three years left as the best player on the planet, so maximizing these last few years is paramount for him.  I can’t wait to see what he and Magic Johnson have in store for the league. Lets cut him some slack until all the chips fall.

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