Clothing giveaway helps less fortunate

Clothing giveaway helps less fortunate
September 27
03:00 2018

The Ladies of Purpose organization initially planned to hold its annual clothing giveaway on Sept. 15.  Hurricane Florence threw a wrench in their plans, but on Sept. 22 the giveaway went off without a hitch in the Cleveland Homes area.

This is the fifth year the group has held this event to give back to the Cleveland Homes area. Tandra Chandler founded the group, whose purpose is to encourage everyone they meet to live their lives in faith by doing good deeds.

“The event turned out really nice. We had a lot of people come out, especially men and children,” said Chandler.  “Everyone was telling us that they were truly blessed with all of the clothes we provided.”

Chandler says several individuals walked away with several bags of clothing, including one homeless gentleman who says the clothes will last him for the next year.

At the end of the giveaway at Cleveland Homes, the Ladies of Purpose gave away several gift cards for the parents to buy additional items for their households.  Chandler stated they took the leftover clothing items and gave them away to needy individuals at the Bethesda Center for the Homeless.

“The people at the Bethesda Center were telling us that they were at the right place at the right time,” she said.  “We were able to bless them with clothing as well, which is great.”

The Ladies of Purpose is comprised of 12 ladies.  Chandler stated they just enjoy helping out their fellow man.  She says she enjoys seeing and hearing the positive responses from the members of the community each year.

“We just do all that we can do to bless others,” She said.  “We could all be in that situation of need, you never know what circumstances brought them there.  We are there to reach out to them no matter what their situation is, just letting our light shine as we were blessing others.”

Chandler also said they were able to bless Petree Elementary school with supplies as well.  The group delivered a box of cleaning supplies for the teachers that are in need of those products.  She says their goal is to continue to grow along with building positive relationships in the community.

“We are looking forward in the near future to continue to increase our abilities to shower others with love, blessings, encouragement and sharing the good news about our savior, who is Jesus Christ,” she went on to say.

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