Pastor initiates race relations summit

The first Platform Summit Conference of its kind will be held Sept. 15 on the Whole Man Ministries Campus, 3916 Old Lexington Road in Winston-Salem.

Pastor initiates race relations summit
September 13
10:15 2018

The first Platform Summit Conference of its kind will be held Sept. 15 on the Whole Man Ministries Campus, 3916 Old Lexington Road in Winston-Salem, in the Community Center.

This conference was created to help combat misunderstandings and incite people to change and learn more about one another, especially here in Winston-Salem.

Pastor Camilla F. Washington, who is sponsoring the conference, says in a press release that the conference has as a subtitle, “A Diverse Group Of Women Talking Race Relations.”

It was conceived from a desire of two women from different backgrounds, who met while attending a conference in Winston-Salem: a REI Racial Equity Workshop, “Foundations in Historical and Institutional Racism.”

Washington says race relations or the lack thereof has become something that has become a hot button topic throughout America since the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017 and the toppling of confederate statues throughout the country, including North Carolina.

Conversations about race and the lack of understanding is something that plagues American society, at the core racial issues may merely be just a misunderstanding.  The conversation needs more thought, and The Platform Summit does just that and will allow women from all backgrounds to engage in dialogue about issues concerning race relations between women.

“During the workshop, I met several wonderful women from different backgrounds and cultures; one in particular was Clare Tuttle, who I sat beside. When we started talking, we realized that we more alike than we were different” said Washington.

Through conversations, (long after that workshop), a strong friendship developed between Washington (Black) and Tuttle (White). Both are interested in making race relations better for all women.

Washington said she hopes the summit will also foster friendships and open the doors to new conversations about race, hopefully allowing women to see through each other’s eyes, destroying stereotypes placed on women of all races in American society.

Washington said her desire is to make changes through awareness, as they talk and share experiences, good and bad; hopefully, coming to a new understanding and respect for one another.   

“I think this is the mistake we make not coming to the table, not talking to our white counterpart; when we have no dialogue, and look not through each other’s’ lenses, and only look at what we see in society instead of having real conversation” said Washington.

The Summit has reached its seating capacity however; Washington desires to have more Summits of this kind in the future.  If you are interested in attending or sponsoring The Platform Summit, please contact Washington at Whole Man Ministries or call (336) 785-2080.

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