Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
October 11
10:03 2018

Businesswoman Lida Calvert Hayes deserves our vote

To the Editor:

Lida Calvert Hayes is one of the most progressive and fair-minded people I have observed.

I know her. She is an outstanding businesswoman, an advocate of what is needed in our community, especially for our children, who need her first and foremost.

Please vote Lida Calvert Hayes for School Board District 2, Nov. 6.

Virginia K. Newell


Terri LeGrand has a vision for North Carolina

To the Editor:

It is not easy to stay positive in today’s divisive political climate, but I could not be more positive than I am about Terri LeGrand’s vision for North Carolina.  Terri is running for N.C. State Representative House District 74.

Terri and I have worshipped together, raised our children together, and over the years, asked what we could do personally to invest in our shared future and make a difference in the lives of others.  Terri continues to answer that call to action. 

It seems she has worked her entire life toward this opportunity to lift up others.  Building community and inspiring action is Terri’s hallmark.  By focusing on issues that are essential to healthy, thriving communities – improving local schools, increasing access to higher education, protecting our environment and building a hopeful, positive future for everyone – she will serve us all well. 

Please vote for Terri LeGrand.

Jenny Kim

Winston Salem

Vote LeGrand, Besse to help make N.C. great again

To the Editor:

Like many of you, I’m beyond outrage at the spectacle our political system has become. Elected officials have forgotten their role – to represent all of us and our interests.

Just take a look at what two N.C. House members, Debra Conrad and Donny Lambeth, have been up to in just the last few weeks:

BOTH voted yes to limit the ability of ordinary citizens to file nuisance claims against livestock operations (HB 374), many of whom are responsible for maintaining foul-smelling, feces-filled lagoons which have now flowed into flood waters in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence;

BOTH co-sponsored a bill (HB 1092) to add a constitutional amendment to the ballot this November which, if it passes, will require citizens of N.C .to produce a photo ID in order to vote, effectively making it more difficult for low-income but LEGAL residents of our state to vote;

and finally, in 2016, BOTH voted yes on HB 2, the disastrous, mean-spirited bill targeting transgender citizens that cost our state millions of dollars when companies refused to relocate, develop or do business here.

It’s time to end the Republican super-majority in Raleigh. It’s time to end the sneaky, back-room legislation, the regressive budgets benefiting the rich and the career politicians who are only interested in keeping themselves in office and pleasing their wealthy donors.

Join me in voting Republicans like Debra Conrad and Donny Lambeth OUT this November, and cast your ballot for Terri LeGrand and Dan Besse instead. They’ll help make N.C. great again!

Brooks Jones


Buddy Collins will put the community first

To the Editor:

Buddy Collins is an exceptional man!

He to me has always been a role model in the community. He has always put the community first and I think he will represent the people in our county the best.

Trent D Perry Jr.

Petty officer U.S. Navy and

resident of Forsyth County

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