October 25
04:00 2018

Re-elect Evelyn Terry to N.C. House

To the Editor:

Think what it would be like to be in an important organization to which citizens of a community elected someone to represent their concerns, yet that someone’s opinions and hard work were blatantly ignored by those in control of said organization.

Add to this discriminatory setting the fact that those in control gained their authority by less than ethical or democratic means, because they designed unconstitutional avenues to power and control. Only a person of unusual conviction and tenacity would be willing to endure this environment.

Three-term N.C. Rep. Evelyn Terry is a person of unusual conviction and tenacity. Someone had to venture into the Republican controlled legislature that by design was hostile and dismissive of all Democrats, and she stepped forward to faithfully work on behalf of all citizens of the 71st District.

Evelyn is quoted in the Journal, “I tried to raise wages, improve women’s rights and improve a system of fairness for voters. But the bills haven’t passed.” (“Terry faces….” 9/15/2018.) 

Evelyn Terry has an exceptional devotion to Forsyth County and a long history of public service.  As a member of the Winston-Salem City Council, she was always available to her constituents and that open, genuine relationship with the voters has continued throughout her three terms in the N.C. Legislature. 

I urge voters to re-elect Evelyn Terry to the N.C. House of Representatives. We desperately need her dedication to our best interest and steadfast determination to represent all of us despite the shady, unfriendly Republican leadership. 

Anne Griffis Wilson, Winston-Salem

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