Editorial: Let’s keep the enthusiasm going into ’20

Democracy NC Volunteer Sarah Lynn

Editorial: Let’s keep the enthusiasm going into ’20
November 08
05:00 2018

Another election is in the record books, and it appears records were made this election cycle. Reports say there were record numbers of people voting early. This seemed to show enthusiasm.

On Election Day, Nov. 6, in the evening, The Chronicle’s Busta Brown found Sarah Lynn, a volunteer with Democracy North Carolina. She was at her post at Carver High School since 11 a.m. “The traffic flow has been steady all day, and the voters seemed very excited,” she said.  

Even defeated candidates seemed enthusiastic.

“No matter what tomorrow brings, we should not be discouraged,” said Kathy Manning, the Democrat who lost to incumbent Republican Ted Budd in her first bid for elective office, for Congress. “… We know how democracy should work.” People who had not participated in the democratic process before did so, she said.

Another election cycle is now beginning. 2020 should provide some interesting outcomes, if the court victories to fight racial gerrymandering stand.

If the enthusiasm continues, who knows what’s in store for Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina and the United States of America. It is our hope that at least the racists and fear-mongers everywhere will be defeated that year.

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