QEA and Mt. Tabor face off in exhibition game

Quality Education Academy (QEA) took to the hardwood in a scrimmage with Mt. Tabor last Thursday evening, Nov. 15.

QEA and Mt. Tabor face off in exhibition game
November 22
00:00 2018

Quality Education Academy (QEA) took to the hardwood in a scrimmage with Mt. Tabor last Thursday evening, Nov. 15.  With QEA playing a mostly national schedule, they rarely get the opportunity to lace them up against Forsyth County opponents.

QEA head coach, Issac Pitts, says he has had a great relationship with Mt. Tabor head coach, Andy Muse.  Pitts says when he played for Tom Muse at Parkland, Andy used to be their ball boy.

Mt. Tabor is set to have a very successful season with multiple starters coming back from last year’s team.  Muse says it will benefit his team greatly to scrimmage against a team  of QEA’s calibur

“It is great for our kids to go against a quality team like QEA,” said Muse.  “Issac does a tremendous job and what it does is this helps us prepare against the better teams in the state of North Carolina.”

Muse says the success of his team starts with senior point guard, Quest Aldridge, because he will “run the show.”  Jakob Moore and Dillon Bullard will be anchors in the post for the Spartans, he said.

“We have a bunch of players that know their role and they execute,” Muse continued.  “We just have to get better every day and I thought this scrimmage got us better.”

According to Muse, his Spartan team has a great mixture of veteran and young talent.  Even though it’s early on in the season, he feels his team has meshed well thus far.

“We have a great chemistry right now with this team,” said Muse.  “They all work together and most of them played together for three years or so and I am really excited about the opportunity to play in two weeks.”

The Spartans have a tough slate of games to open the season.  They begin the year with East Forsyth, West Forsyth and R.J. Reynolds, as their first three opponents. 

The teams went through a period of open play, but for Pitts, the most important part of the scrimmage was when the teams went through the situational period.  They worked on a number of scenarios that a team may encounter during a game.

Pitts stated that the late game situational period was very important for him.  He was able to give valuable coaching advise to his players during this session.  He says it’s hard to practice those situations during a normal practice, so he thanked Muse for allowing his team to participate.

Pitts and Muse are two of the most successful and well respected coaches in Forsyth County.  Muse says he just likes to run his program the right way and the kids will continue to come.  For Pitts, he just wants to continue to put his players into college.

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