2018 All-County JV Football Team

To honor those players, The Chronicle reached out to all Forsyth County JV coaches for them to vote on the best players from each position.

2018 All-County JV Football Team
December 27
10:20 2018

The 2018 JV football season has ended. There were some great performances from players all across the county. To honor those players, The Chronicle reached out to all Forsyth County JV coaches for them to vote on the best players from each position. The selections were made solely by the coach’s picks, which were calculated from the ballots they submitted.

First Team

Coach of the Year: Chris McCoy (Reagan)

Offensive Player of the Year: Bryson Canty (Reagan)

Defensive Player of the Year: Collin Smith (Mt. Tabor)


QB: Joseph Ritchens (E. Forsyth)

RB: Bryson Canty (Reagan)

RB: Brian McIntyre (Mt. Tabor)

LT: Jonathan Whisnant (E. Forsyth)

LG: Rashad Jami (Glenn)

C: Daryion Green (Mt. Tabor)

RG: Jesse Miller (E. Forsyth)

RT: Noah Brown (Reagan)

TE: Noah Marshall (Mt. Tabor)

WR: Jamison Warren (E. Forsyth)

WR: Montrell Jones (Reagan)


LE: Joseph Woodard (Glenn)

DT: Jemel Craig-Blakely (Reagan)

DT: Hunter Johnson (E. Forsyth)

RE: Gavin Brandon (Reagan)

OLB: Kyshaad Davis (Mt. Tabor)

MLB: Mack David (W. Forsyth)

OLB: C.J. Cotton (Reagan)

CB: Collin Smith (Mt. Tabor)

CB: Nasir Gibbs (Reynolds)

FS: Isaiah Crowell (E. Forsyth)

SS: C.J. Arnette (Reagan)

Special Teams

K: Hunter Johnson (Mt. Tabor)

P: Luis Sanchez (Glenn)

Returner: Nasion Johnson (W. Forsyth)

Second Team


QB: Tyress McIntyre (Mt. Tabor)

RB: Javante Long (W. Forsyth)

RB: Jon Gullette (Reagan)

LT: Andrew Jones (Reagan)

LG: Rodney Byers (N. Forsyth)

C: Miles Burns (W. Forsyth)

RG: Kyrice Leach (Carver)

RT: Jaden Lindsay (E. Forsyth)

TE: Kion Hamilton (E. Forsyth)

WR: Tavoris Holmes (Mt. Tabor)

WR: Bralen Morris (W. Forsyth)


LE: Mekhi James (Mt. Tabor)

DT: Marlon Holt (Mt. Tabor)

DT: Gavin Kingsbury (Reagan)

RE: Tariq Murphy (Atkins)

OLB: Lincoln Pattisall (Reagan)

MLB: Noah Marshall (Mt. Tabor)

OLB: Jake Hill (W. Forsyth)

CB: Adam Touchstone (Reagan)

CB: Justin Borja (W. Forsyth)

FS: Deshawn Jones (N. Forsyth)

SS: Andre Campbell (Reynolds)

Special Teams

K: Chase Yoder (E. Forsyth)

P: Demonte Green (N. Forsyth)

Returner: Collin Smith (Mt. Tabor)

Third Team


QB: Braden Pritchard (W. Forsyth)

RB: Traylon Ingram (E. Forsyth)

RB: Nasion Johnson (W. Forsyth)

LT: Jerimiah Kirkman (Glenn)

LG: Lucas Reese (W. Forsyth)

C: Jacob Fletcher (E. Forsyth)

RG: Brian Hairston (Atkins)

RT: William Wolverton (Mt. Tabor)

TE: Allen Pinkney (N. Forsyth)

WR: Cam Russell (Parkland)

WR: Teiandre Cleveland (Carver)


LE: Tyler Clinard (E. Forsyth)

DT: Miguel Ramirez (N. Forsyth)

DT: James Stone  (Reynolds)

RE: Keavondre Horton (Mt. Tabor)

OLB: Elijah Hernandez (Atkins)

MLB: MyQuan Royster (N. Forsyth)

OLB: Mekhi Hague (Mt. Tabor)

CB: Nasir Smith (Glenn)

CB: Zyon Ellison (E. Forsyth)

FS: Nasir Gibbs (Reynolds)

SS: Kevin Avila (E. Forsyth)

Special Teams

K: No selection

P: Chase Yoder (E. Forsyth)

Returner: DaMon Stokes (E. Forsyth)

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