Training camp prepares kids for basketball season

Never Out Worked (N.O.W.) offers young men and women specialized training that targets their strengths and weaknesses in the game of basketball.

Training camp prepares kids for basketball season
June 20
09:36 2019

Basketball season has ended for the school system and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball is in full swing. Some players need a leg up, not only for AAU, but also for the upcoming season in the fall. For those in need of a little extra training, Never Out Worked (NOW) is here to help.

NOW is basketball skill training led by head trainer Richard Daniels. They specialize in individual training that is tailored to each child specifically from the ages of 8 and up. The training is for boys and girls.

“We start off with ball handling for everyone, then we go right into specific skill training,” said Daniels. “If you are a shooter or a person that gets to the basket, we work on your strengths and weaknesses.

“I am big on results, it’s not necessarily about who is the best kid or the most talented kid, it’s about the results you get. If we spend a month working on a certain kind of drill, I should be able to see you perform that skill the next time you play in a game.”

Daniels is a graduate of Carver High School, class of 2010. He went on to play his college basketball at Johnson C. Smith University, where he graduated with a degree in sports management. He has been training since graduation.

Daniels gets great satisfaction out of seeing the development of his clients. Over the past few years, he has enjoyed being witness to the improvements of the young men and women on the court.

“I think the biggest thing is seeing the improved confidence in the kids,” he said. “A lot of kids are lacking confidence and they are also lacking coaching as well. If a kid has never been told they can be good or even get a scholarship, they will never put forth the effort and I think that is the biggest thing with the training, the kids work twice as hard to get to that goal.”

Some of the best feedback Daniels has received from his clients is the fact his training directly translates to the game and the kids are able to see the results.  

“A lot of kids that are more talented don’t know how to pick their spots or how to score from certain areas and that’s where I come into play,” he continued. “You can be really good and not know how to score in a system.”

For more information on Never Out Worked training, please contact Daniels through his Instagram page Never.Out.Worked or through email at

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