Fitness trainer looks to spread her message of health

Melody Hunter is a new fitness trainer in the Winston-Salem area.

Fitness trainer looks to spread her message of health
September 12
02:00 2019

Modern science has made everyone aware of how important it is to live a healthy lifestyle. Melody Hunter, an ISAA certified fitness and nutrition coach/personal trainer and owner of Physique by Mel Fitness, is hoping her message of fitness can make a positive impact on the community of Winston-Salem.

Hunter has been into fitness for many years, but decided to make it her full-time focus three years ago. She took a leap of faith by leaving her full-time job at a pharmacy to pursue her dream. She worked at a gym to begin her new career, but saw that owning her own business was what she really wanted.

“I used to work in a pharmacy, and I could see how people were always sluggish and taking a lot of prescriptions and since I have always been an athlete, I thought, why not give it a try,” said Hunter. “This is a passion for me, because I go to bed and I wake up thinking about it and what is the most fulfilling is seeing people lose weight or achieve their fitness goal.”

Before having her own studio, Hunter would do private training at her client’s homes. She feels having her own location will enable her clients to be more motivated to reach their goals.

“The thing about me is, just because you may not be losing weight at the rate you want, you can find positives in other places,” she said. “You can see changes in the clothes you wear, or being able to get off of a prescription you were on. I just don’t want to see people discouraged, because there are so many ways you can see results in fitness.”

Hunter works with all age ranges, but specializes in middle-age communities. Her goal is to establish realistic goals to lose weight, tone up or to gain muscle mass. She has even trained individuals who are preparing for military duty as well.

“I am kind of different, because I don’t classify myself as a trainer anymore,” she said. “I classify myself as a health coach, because there are trainers out there that really don’t know what they are doing and you can’t train everyone the same way.”

Hunter not only trains, but she meal preps and prepares meal plans that are specifically tailored to a person’s individual goals.

Hunter opened her studio at the Baker Business Center, 3443 Robinhood Road in Winston-Salem. Her studio has been open for less than a month and she is looking to attract more clients.  

For more information on Physique by Mel Fitness, please visit her Facebook page at Physique by Mel Fitness or her Instagram page at Physique_by_mel_fitness.

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