Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
January 01
15:00 2020

Historical firsts marked the year 2019

To The Editor:

Thank you Chronicle for being the torchbearer of the full story of events that directly impacts our community. Too often the successes and celebrations of life are overlooked by the mainstream media. Your acumen to highlight some of the numerous achievements in the African-American community is to be applauded as a new year begins and the old one ends.

The myriad of community reflections include many historical firsts for our community: A newly elected Sheriff, an historical first African American, Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough; an historical Superintendent for WS/FC Schools, Dr. Hairston; an historical all female school board chaired by Malashai Woodbury, our first African-American Chair; a timely election of the first female leader of the Winston-Salem Ministers’ Conference and Vicinity, Pastor Timbella Covington; and the list goes on ….

The responsibility of continuing to move the community forward rests on each of us as we enter 2020. Individual accolades are only successful when individual community members accept their share of being accountable and responsible to the greater good of the community. A democracy is no stronger than the level of active participation of the average citizen in our community. 

As we enter 2020, let’s accept more responsibility to move our community forward. Register five new people to vote and accept the challenge of taking them to the polls with you to vote. If each of us did that, we could change the dynamics of our political system.

Happy New Year.

Fleming El-Amin

Winston-Salem, N.C.

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