Two Boy Scouts awarded Eagle Scout designation

Patrick Cooper and Jaemon McCullum became Eagle Scouts.

Two Boy Scouts awarded Eagle Scout  designation
March 11
13:47 2020

On Saturday, Feb. 22, two members of Boy Scout Troop 912 became Eagle Scouts. Patrick G. Cooper and Jaemon T. McCullum, both high school seniors, have been a part of Troop 912 at St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church for almost a decade and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. Both young men are 18 years old, college bound, honor roll students who look forward to being youth leaders at the same pack/troop in the future. 

Their Scout Master, Handy Douglas, was very proud to have a dual Eagle Scout ceremony on this day. Troop 912 has had an Eagle Scout ceremony for one of their scouts for the last three years in a row. Scout Master Douglas remarked, “Our program here at St. Stephen Troop 912 works! If the boys come to meetings and work hard, they can be standing where these young men are today.” 

The percentage of Boy Scouts that attain the Eagle designation, the highest honor in Scouting, is only about 5%.  And it is an even smaller percentage for young African American boys to achieve this honor. 

A host of parents, grandparents and extended family were in attendance at the ceremony. A large number of the crowd was members of St. Paul United Methodist Church, where Patrick is a member. The event was filled with laughter, tears, and standing ovations for the two new Eagle Scouts, Patrick & Jaemon.

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