Busta’s Person of the Week: She taught an old dog, an old trick. It’s become a beautiful love story

Cynthia Hunter and Sebastian

Busta’s Person of the Week: She taught an old dog, an old trick. It’s become a beautiful love story
April 23
04:45 2020

By Busta Brown

COVID -19 has the world shook up and afraid to leave their homes. And with good reason! We’re dying in record numbers, and sadly, those numbers are growing daily. 

So I decided to do a fun, sweet and very warm story about the results of putting in work after you pray. And if you’re a dog owner, this story will give you an awesome way to bond with your best friend. 

According to Cynthia Hunter, this love story started three years ago, “when I became homeless, no fault of my own. We all go through so much in life. My dog and I were in my car, and I started praying to God to make him phenomenal. Everyone wanted Sebastian, but he wasn’t doing any of the stuff he does now,” said Hunter. 

And let me tell ya, he’s doing some very interesting stuff these days. Although she couldn’t provide shelter for her dog, giving him to just anyone wasn’t an option. Hunter loves Sebastian very much and was devastated about their living conditions. Now, the next part of this story is one of the many positive examples of why it’s good to stay cordial with your ex-significant other.

“One day my ex-husband and his fiancé called me and asked me where I was at, and I just broke down and started crying. He asked me where was Sebastian. I said with me, and then he said bring him to us. And so I did. They kept him for nearly a year. I loved him too much to keep him from having a home. I prayed that God would make my dog so phenomenal that no man can deny him,” said Cynthia Hunter. She eventually found a place to live and then Sebastian joined her. And that’s when things took an extremely strange and interesting turn. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t witnessed it for myself. 

One day Hunter and Sebastian were playing, and she decided to try something out of the blue. “I said let me teach this dog how to count to five, so I bought some flash cards. It all began with me teaching him numbers with my fingers, and then flash cards. I showed him the number five and asked him to count, and by the third time, he started doing it. I was like wow! I was amazed that he was doing it. Months later I started throwing numbers at him. I said ‘Count to ten,’ and he was doing that as well. Every number I showed him, he would bark that number,” said Hunter. 

She had the spirit of a proud mother and Sebastian knew it. Cynthia Hunter took her lesson to the next level. “I taught him how to understand numbers in Spanish as well. And then we began doing multiplication. And Busta, honest to God, I was playing around and had no idea that any of this would happen. When I told my neighbor I was going to ask Sebastian to multiply, she was like, come on Cynthia, and then laughed. When I got home from work, I asked him what was 3 times 3, and I kid you not, he barked 9 times. I started to think that was coincidental, so I asked him what is 5 times 2, and he barked ten times. My heart started beating faster and faster, and I got so scared I stayed in the house for two days. I thought, maybe I was losing my mind,” she said. 

She wasn’t losing her mind; I witnessed Sebastian barking 8 times after asking him an equation. I put him to the test a few more times, and he amazed me each time. 

Cynthia said, if she can teach a dog math, there’s no excuse for teachers to fail our children. “It’s all about the love we give to them, and building trust. Sebastian trusts me, so it’s easy for me to lead him and teach him. He’s not only doing math, but we have conversations as well,” she said. 

As crazy as this sounds, I asked Sebastian a question about my favorite musical family, The Jacksons. What I’m about to say really happened! I asked him, how many siblings does Michael Jackson have? And he barked 8 times. And then Cynthia asked how many sisters does Michael have, and he barked 3 times. Was I freaked out? Not at all. More like amazed, because I remembered the first part of our conversation, when Cynthia prayed that God make Sebastian phenomenal. And from my interaction with the eight-year-old Shitzu mixed with Pekingese, God answered her prayer. 

In her book, “Everyone loves Sebastian: The dog with wings,” she goes into more details. The book is very entertaining and inspiring. It’s a great read for children and adults. It challenges a topic that most of our children deal with daily: bullying. The book will warm your heart and bring some much-needed light to these dark times we’re living in today. 

I asked Cynthia what’s next for Cynthia and her best friend. “The ultimate level for Sebastian is to be in a church so people can recognize that God did this. And if he did this for me and Sebastian, what would he do for you?” said Hunter. 

You will also enjoy Cynthia’s novel, “Diary of a Crack Addict’s Wife,” also on Amazon. For more information and to contact my phenomenal person of the week, visit

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