Superpowers Heroic adds face masks to product line

The face masks offered by Superpowers Heroic are equipped with a breathing valve and two filters to block germs and bacteria. The face masks are also washable.

Superpowers Heroic adds face masks to product line
April 23
03:30 2020

Superpowers Heroic Apparel is looking to help keep people safe during the pandemic. The local men’s and women’s clothing company started by Winston-Salem native Anthony Ingram is selling washable face masks at a fraction of the cost of competitors. 

On April 3, President Donald Trump recommended that face masks be worn in all public places and since that time face masks have been flying off the shelves. Ingram, who launched Superpowers Heroic in 2011, said after doing his research and talking with his manufacturer, he saw an opportunity to help people while promoting his brand at the same time. 

Ingram, who is a 2000 graduate of Winston-Salem State University, said he remembers the masks they were given when working toward his degree in nursing and wanted to provide face masks that are more durable. 

“I have a nursing background, healthcare is my thing. I worked case management for 15 years, so I remember using the masks when we were in school, so I knew a lot of them were thin,” Ingram continued. “My plan was to get with a developer who can make one better.”

Ingram said what sets the Superpowers Heroic face mask apart from others is quality. The face masks are equipped with a breathing valve, two filters to block germs, and as mentioned earlier, the mask can also be washed. Similar face masks sell online for $10-$15 each. Ingram is selling his face masks two for $15 with free shipping. While discussing the face masks with The Chronicle earlier this week, Ingram said not all masks and fabric is designed to block bacteria and other germs. “The filters are designed to combat those things,” Ingram said.

“The ones at the hospital have a filter but a lot of the times they are easily soiled. Another thing is a lot of places are making people reuse those things. If we would’ve did that in nursing school, we would be sent home with a zero for the day.”

When he got his shipment of masks, Ingram said he wasn’t in a rush to put them on the market because he wanted to make sure it was a quality product first. Ingram said he spent a few days wearing the mask while completing normal everyday tasks. He said, “When they came, I wasn’t in a rush … I washed my car, changed my oil, put new tires on my car, I even fixed dinner while wearing it. I took my time.”

After putting the mask through the gauntlet, Ingram decided to post the mask on social media and in less than 12 hours he was sold out. 

“I was just eating dinner one night and I decided to post the mask on Facebook … by eight o’clock that next morning I was completely sold out,” he continued. “People were buying like 10 and 12 at a time and many were coming back for more.”

Since posting the face mask on social media and the Superpowers Heroic website about two weeks ago, Ingram has shipped face masks to several different states including New York, Maryland, Florida, and West Virginia.

Ingram said when looking for face masks to protect themselves and others, the public should do their research and buy something that’s comfortable and protects you. 

“Just remember when you come out, you don’t know what’s out here,” Ingram said. “We can cut corners to do things, but sometimes cutting corners means you have a longer run. Like I did when I started, you have to do your research.” 

The Superpowers Heroic Face Mask can be purchased by visiting

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