Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
June 03
15:13 2020

Democrats’ real motives

To The Editor:

Democrats often hide their real intentions. They told us the Great Society was meant to eliminate poverty, when it was in fact a very expensive vote-buying scheme. They told us that they encourage illegal immigration for compassionate reasons, when the real motive is to create a dependent population voting reliably Democrat. So, when Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer loudly defend a prolonged COVID Lockdown, forgive me for thinking that their real intent is to (a) destroy President’ Trump’s bountiful economy, and thereby (b) elect senile Joe BIden in November.

Richard Merlo

Elkin N.C.

We will not be silent

To The Editor:

And we went. 

Ripped apart and carried off.

Floating away on slave ships like so many seed pods blowing across the oceans —

We went. Buoyed forth like plant spores borne away. Launched into the distant unknown of a vague horizon.

There was no lush ground to welcome us — only brambles. A place, hard and stubborn, with thorns ripping at our skin, where we were planted and tearing viciously at our flesh. Our precious blood was rent — drawn out as an unwilling sacrifice spilled upon the earth.

This foreign place, this new land, demanded blood and soon we found ourselves being captured, bound, bled, and fed to it — akin to brother Abel, the righteous martyr.

Yet, Abel would not go silently unto death and neither would we. Abel’s blood cried out to God in the anguished, agonized wail of one lying innocent, murdered, and unavenged.

“What have you done?!” God demanded. “Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!”

And like Abel’s, the rivers of our shed blood cried out too. They cry out still — like so many clamoring phantoms screaming into the expanse of eternity. 

The slain increase in number and the ground still sits drenched in their blood, but the din of the fallen’s cries only grows louder. Relentless. Insistent. Screaming that they will not be silent. Nor shall we. 

We who know their names, will not be silent.

Pridgen Green

Clemmons, N.C.

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