Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
June 10
13:47 2020

We can no longer remain silent

To The Editor:

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Winston Salem stands in solidarity with our Black/African-American siblings who demand change, including those who identify as Indigenous and People of Color. Before we “take to the streets,” literally and figuratively, we are cautious, seeking to center our response to the entire community to ask, “What does support look like? How can our support and solidarity be effective, and cause no harm?” Accordingly, we begin by pledging to work diligently to re-examine the ways in which we ourselves perpetuate racism, and to do our part to bend the arc of the universe towards justice.  

We can no longer remain silent. We have much work to do. We cannot afford to have these systemic failings normalized. This is a call to action for all persons of faith to work toward justice for all. We affirm the position our faith commands – we stand by the Black/African-American community, and we pledge our support in whatever ways are helpful. We affirm that BLACK LIVES MATTER. May it be so.

Mary Law

President, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 

of Winston-Salem Board of Trustees

The beginning of the revolution

To The Editor:

For years some on the left have been asking for a revolution to change America, supposedly for the best. They have been working hard to change America’s values, from what has been predominantly Christian values based on God’s morale laws.
They have managed to turn great numbers of Americans against God and His righteous commandments. To the point that we are now seeing what happens when Man abandons God! Chaos, and a total disregard for human life, and of other people’s right to live safely and securely in their property.
The destruction of America and our way of life is well underway! They have been working towards that end for years.
Their favorite cry is “racist.” But that is wrong because God created one human race, not many. He did in fact created us all equally and loves us with the same love that only God can have.  
They falsely claim that others are racist and that they would unite America. Their purpose is just the opposite. Their goal is to divide us so they can take control of America.  
To a great extent, they have replaced Christian (Godly) values, with Devil values, that are abomination to a righteous God, the Creator.  
Several years ago, they started demonizing the police with the intent of destroying those who provide safety to our communities. Since then, many decent law enforcement men and women have been murdered. The blood spilled is on their hands. 
The cry “black life matters” needs to be changed to “All Life Matters.” Quit the killing!  
Please get off the streets and quit listening to those who are using you for political gain. They support the ghastly murder of innocent born and unborn human babies and are headed for Hell.  
Follow God, not sin sick Man.

Manuel Ybarra Jr. 

Coalgate, OK

Strive toward harmony and justice

To The Editor:

The Paul Green Foundation, which makes grants to diverse organizations working in the arts and human rights, stands with those who peacefully protest the brutality inflicted on our citizens of color by police and other authorities. Like Paul Green, North Carolina playwright and civil rights activist of the last century, we cannot be silent while some wrest from others their rights to liberty and equality under the law. The need for change is urgent.
The Paul Green Foundation expresses its deepest sympathy for the families of George Floyd and all the others who have lost their lives at the hands of mindless or cruel extremists. All of us must strive toward harmony and justice, and work together to lift one another up. 

Laurence G. Avery

President, Paul Green Foundation

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