Busta’s Person of the Week: Tabitha Brown is ‘America’s Mom’ and the face of the vegan community

Busta’s Person of the Week: Tabitha Brown is ‘America’s Mom’ and the face of the vegan community
July 15
13:45 2020

By Busta Brown

By now, everyone in America is singing the praises of America’s new mom and the face of the vegan community, Tabitha Brown. America adores Tabitha’s Southern hospitality, delicious recipes, and her cooking show whose slogan is “Hey honey! Come on in the room.” 

Tabitha Brown was born and raised in Eden, N.C., but later moved to Los Angeles, Calif., to pursue an acting career. Within a year, she and her husband Chance moved back to North Carolina. She’s an actress, YouTube and TikTok sensation, and the number one vegan influencer in America.  

So, how did she become America’s mom and the “new” Claire Huxtable?  

Her journey began when she and Chance returned from California and her dream of becoming an actress had faded. One morning she had an encounter with God. That encounter kicked off a true testament of unwavering faith and patience. “I’ve done interview after interview, and I’ve told the same story for the last three years. Busta, you are the biggest part of my beginning. The Busta Brown TV Show is literally what God woke me up to. My husband and I lived in California in 1998, and he said, this doesn’t make any sense to stay here. This lady is robbing us of our money and we’re nowhere near Hollywood. We need to go back to North Carolina for a year so we can save up some money and then move to Los Angeles, so you can pursue your acting,” said Tabitha. 

That one year turned into five years. “We had a baby, got married, we started working, and a lot of new responsibilities came along. I forgot to dream. I literally convinced myself that I had to give up my dreams. It was that small-town mentality. I remember one morning God shook my bed and woke me up. When I woke up, I heard a voice that sounded like thunder! And it said, ‘This is not the life I planned for you.’ It scared me! I had never heard that voice before, and I got on my knees and begin to pray. I asked God, if this is you speaking to me, please show me a sign today, because if not, I think I’m going crazy,” the famous mom said. 

She shared this experience with her husband Chance “and he thought I was crazy. And then later that day we go the mall. And while we’re in the car, you came on the radio and said, ‘Hey ya’ll, this is Busta Brown and I have a new TV show and I’m looking for a female co-host.’ And I almost tore the inside of my car up. And then I told Chance, ‘That’s my sign.’ I asked God to show me a sign today and then you came on the radio and said that. And I knew I had to go to the audition,” she said with excitement. 

I remember that day myself, very well! At that point in my radio and TV career, I had interviewed everyone from Luther Vandross, Magic Johnson, TLC, Jay-Z, Beyonce’, P Diddy, Biggie and more. So, I wanted to teach someone else how to do celebrity interviews and then pass the torch to them. I lost that excitement doing backstage interviews because after hosting the concerts, I was burned out. The day of the auditions, Tabitha walked into the restaurant where we taped the show and the entire staff were blown away by her vibe and natural beauty. We knew right away she was the one! 

Tabitha shared her story of how that moment changed her life: “I remember coming to the audition, I saw all these girls and was like … oh, man! I had never done an audition for anything. The fact that I booked that, you became a part of a moment that God said ‘It’s OK to dream again. This is what you need.’ You taught me how to produce my own segments and I was like this is crazy … I’m interviewing LL Cool J! Just months prior, I couldn’t have fathomed any of that, but you woke something up inside me. You are a large part of my story, and my life would not be the same without Busta Brown. I get emotional when I tell that story, because there is no journey of mine without you in it, and I love you, Busta,” she said while crying. 

I cried as well, and then shared with her how I had recently lost my confidence and love for radio. I didn’t have the strength or confidence to even do a podcast. I felt like no one wanted to hear Busta Brown if I’m not on 102 Jamz or 97.1. Then one night I texted Tabitha to congratulate her on all of the amazing things that were happening for her. Ellen Degeneres’ digital network picked up her super popular YouTube and Facebook cooking show, “A Taste with Tab.” After I congratulated Tab, I shared my battle with depression and loss of confidence. She gave me one of Tabitha Brown’s sweet and powerful words of encouragement that her nearly 5 million followers on TikTok and YouTube tune in to see daily. It changed my life! I now have a podcast on Spotify, Anchor and YouTube called Positive Vibes with Busta Brown. I told Tabitha how much I appreciate and love her a ton. 

The world is becoming a much better place because of Tabitha Brown. The hate and division in our world today cause so much unbalance spiritually, physically and even financially. I truly believe that God has sent Tabitha Brown to be the balance of love and peace that’s needed in the world today, because love and peace are the only ways to equalize and mend this broken and unbalanced world. 

Tabitha’s road to becoming America’s mom, a successful actress and the number one world renown vegan influencer, wasn’t a smooth ride. Her mother lost her battle with ALS at 51, and her 68-year-old father is the oldest male alive in her family. I asked Tabitha what memory of her mom gives her strength during her time of need? “When my mom was sick, we had her hospital bed put into her bedroom. During her last year, she was on a ventilator. When I would stay with her, I slept in her regular bed, which was at the foot of the hospital bed. I had to wake her up to check her suction and make sure everything was OK. I remember I woke up at 3 a.m. and my mom was glowing and crying. And she had the biggest smile on her face.” 

The social media superstar has the sweetest, softest, Southern accent, and it’ll put you in a trance as she speaks. It reminds me of Lena Horne. I love it! She continued, “I said ‘Mama, it’s 3 a.m., what in the world are you doing up?’ She said, ‘God just showed me what he’s going to do in your life. It is going to be amazing.’” 

What her mom said next took Tabitha by storm, because she and her husband hadn’t planned for it. She also shared her personal battle with a headache that had lasted a year and seven months for which doctors couldn’t find a cure. “It caused some serious nerve damage and shut down my lady parts. The doctors gave me all kinds of medicines that didn’t work. They made things worse. One day I saw the documentary ‘What the health.’ When they mentioned that all diseases aren’t hereditary, that was like a light bulb to me,” said Tabitha. Then she shared the common denominator that connected her family to all the different diseases. 

You can see the rest of my interview with America’s new mom on my YouTube channel, “Positive Vibes with Busta Brown,” or you can listen on Spotify, Soundcloud and Anchor. Tabitha Brown also shares her battle with depression, the magic of a successful, healthy and happy marriage, life as a famous mom and wife, and what cure saved and changed her life forever. 

It was wonderful catching up and reminiscing with my dear friend and phenomenal Person of the Week. For more info or to contact Tabitha, visit

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