Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
September 30
14:23 2020

Dan Besse not afraid to take on tough issues

To the Editor:

Dan Besse has represented the Southwest Ward on the Winston-Salem City Council for the16 years he has served. While I’ll be sorry to lose him as a council representative, I’m voting for him for the North Carolina House District 74. I support Dan because we need representatives who understand our challenges and who will support good schools, a clean environment, and jobs with living wages and excellent benefits.

Dan favors better pay for teachers, excellent health care for our citizens, clean air and water, and creating jobs so our children don’t have to leave the area to succeed. 

Dan listens to everyone, carefully considers all aspects of issues, and then stands up for what is right. He’s not afraid to take on the tough issues, and he works on practical solutions that address the needs of children, families, and older adults. He doesn’t give up until the job is done.

When Dan goes to Raleigh, I know that I will have a representative I can be proud of and someone who won’t forget the people he represents. It’s time for big changes in Raleigh. I urge all voters to vote for Dan Besse.

Marjorie Hoots


Krawiec deserves reelection

To The Editor:

Senator Joyce Krawiec has served the citizens of Senate District 31 very well and deserves reelection.

When Senator Krawiec was first elected, she hit the ground running. She spearheaded a bill that had been languishing for 10 years. This bill was to allow families who have children with autism to get coverage for their autistic children. Insurance companies had been fighting to avoid this coverage. Krawiec learned that state employees and those with Medicaid had this coverage. In other words families paying for coverage for other families, couldn’t even purchase it for their own children. 

Joyce took the bull by the horns and never stopped until a bill was passed to cover these children with the services they need. Thanks to her, many children in North Carolina can now get treatment to help them lead productive lives.

I have heard her say that this is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things she has accomplished as a Senator. I am proud to support her in the upcoming election. 

Kristian Krawford


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