Charity golf tournament draws 18 teams to support female basketball program

Alvin Robinson has been coordinating the charity golf tournament for nearly two decades.

Charity golf tournament draws 18 teams to support  female basketball program
October 28
14:25 2020

The golf tournament presented by The Robinson Group at the Winston Lake Golf Course turned out very well according to sponsors. The tournament took place on Oct. 10 and the winning team was from the Truth Network, followed by teams from Cahill & Swain and the team from Shaw University’s Men’s basketball team.

The annual tournament raises funds for the Winston-Salem Stealers female basketball organization.  A total of 18 teams came out to compete in the tournament, some from as far away as Raleigh.

“I really enjoyed this year, because people came out to support young women and they bought into the social distancing aspect of the tournament and it was a huge success,” said Alvin Robinson, founder of The Robinson Group.

Robinson has been coordinating the tournament for nearly two decades, in an effort to assist young athletes in the area. Three of his daughters have played for the Stealers organization and Robinson says he has seen firsthand how difficult it sometimes is to raise money for female athletics.

“I think over the years this tournament has been a success, even though it’s so hard to raise money for young women,” he said. “I have been on the boy’s side and the girl’s side, but when I go and ask for money for boys, it’s so easy; when I ask for the young ladies, it was hard. But some of the same teams have been with us for 18 years and they have bought into what we are trying to do here by helping out all of the kids.”

Robinson was very appreciative of the long-term tournament sponsors, along with the local golf courses that have allowed him to hold the tournament.

“The sponsors, the City of Winston-Salem, the Winston Lake Golf Course, and Julius Reese have really helped us at The Robinson Group to raise money for young women,” said Robinson.  

Even though his girls have aged out of the Stealers program, Robinson says he wants to continue holding the tournament because there will always be a need for funding with female youth sports.

“I want to keep on doing it, because it’s one of our main concerns at The Robinson Group, as well as with my wife’s organization, Beautiful Countenance, and my daughter’s nonprofit, Beneath the Uniform,” he said. “We have been reaching out to the Stealers for 18 years, so we want to make sure we reach out to all aspects of women and young men.”

With three nonprofit organizations in one family, the Robinson family is constantly doing things for others and that’s the way they like it. He says they are reaching out to some grant writers to ensure they do not wear out their great relationship with the consistent sponsors.

“We will make it, because we have God on our side and He knows we are doing for people in need and he always provides for all of our needs,” Robinson said.

Robinson is proud of the fact he and his wife’s work in the community has rubbed off on their children. He says they get upset if they are not allowed to lend a helping hand with any event their parents are involved with.

“They have bought into the vision we have for giving back,” he said. “As the Bible said, give unto others as you would have them give unto you.”

Brian Robinson is the coach and founder of the Stealers organization. Alvin Robinson said coach Robinson was very thankful for the continued support the Robinson family has shown the Stealers organization throughout the years. 

For more information about the Winston-Salem Stealers organization, please visit

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