Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
October 28
12:32 2020

Terry LeGrand will protect our environment

To The Editor:

The clock is ticking for the voting deadline of November 3rd. The clock is also ticking on the degradation of our environment: more frequent hurricanes and downpours, air pollution, water pollution, and climate change are of deep concern here in North Carolina. That’s why I support Terri LeGrand for the North Carolina Senate.
If you’ve ever attended the Piedmont Earth Day Fair which started back in 2005, you have Terri LeGrand to thank for that. She is co-founder of both the fair as well as the Piedmont Environmental Alliance. Terri has been an activist for clean air and water and our health long before she decided to run for State Senate.
If we send her to Raleigh, she will stand up to corporate polluters such as Duke Energy. She will invest in clean and renewable energy and reinstate the Renewable Energy Tax Credit. She will protect our state’s beautiful coastline and stand against offshore drilling. She will fight for our access to clean and safe drinking water and she will listen to scientists.
Incumbent Joyce Krawiec is clearly not an environmentalist; she voted for taxpayers – us – to pay for Duke Energy’s $8 billion toxic coal ash clean up. She also has the worst voting record according to the NC League of Conservation Voters.
Sadly, Krawiec, in the last few weeks, has desperately turned to bold-face lies in her messaging about Terri LeGrand; don’t be fooled by these lies. Moreover, lying is a reprehensible leadership quality. We’ve seen where lying has gotten us at the national level; we cannot tolerate that in our state.
If you love our beautiful state and want to put a leader in the State House who will protect it, with our best interests in mind, there is only one choice: Terri LeGrand. Visit for more information.

Judy Isaksen


Tallying Terri LeGrand’s strong support

To The Editor:

I have been reading Letters To The Editor for Terri LeGrand published in the five newspapers in NC Senate District 31. There have been many dozens and each one demonstrates strong support and a keen understanding of Terri’s positions on the key issues facing us. Take for instance the letter from Chris Kelsey and Loretta Arn, retired health care workers concerned about families without affordable health care options. Martha Apple, Dr. Joel Edwards, Patty Goodrich, Debra Demski, Judy Isaksen, Steve Scroggin, and Dr. Aimee Lischkee expanded on those concerns and highlighted Terri’s promises to fight for Medicare expansion. Some writers also noted that 68% of respondents in District 31 agree that it is time to close the gap. 

Then there were letters from Chelsea Wiggins and Dr. Bob Schwartz who were upset by inappropriate TV ads and fliers from Joyce Krawiec containing blatant lies about Terri’s wanting to defund the police. As they pointed out, nothing could be further from the truth. I was particularly pleased with letters from Bill Blancato, Henry Fansler, Charlie Wilson and Elyse Jung, who are well versed in climate science. They are impressed by Terri’s knowledge of clean air and water issues and her community work to found and grow the Piedmont Environmental Alliance. 

Linda Arrigo and Judi Lawson Wallace wrote about Terri’s history of supporting our children’s schools and teachers. They recognized Terri’s commitment to bringing North Carolina school funding and teacher pay up to national standards. Some of these writers had hash words for Joyce Krawiec. They feel that the current legislature has failed to meet the changing needs of North Carolinians, so they are voting for change. 

Others, like Rev. Gary Gunderson, are supporting Terri because she is honest, courageous and unfettered by corporate contributions and their lobbyists. Of course, I did notice a few letters for Joyce Krawiec, but most of those were written by fellow politicos. If one were to judge by letters alone, Terri LeGrand is the clear choice for Senate Seat 31.

Gus Preschle

In support of Joyce Krawiec for NC Senate District 31

To The Editor:

This election is truly about keeping our God-given liberties as codified in the Amendments to the Constitution. Elections have consequences and Democrats, now boldly and unabashedly running as Socialists and Communists, are implementing radical “means justify the ends” tactics to win this election. If they win, they will literally steal even more wealth from those who work to achieve their totalitarian political power to destroy our country and control our every movement. 
Joyce Krawiec is a lifelong conservative and Christian activist. She supported tax CUTS for working families by voting to make the first $21,500 of every North Carolina family’s income completely tax-free.
LeGrand, who moved to Kernersville days before the deadline to file, will RAISE taxes for working families to support growth in big-government programs.
Joyce Krawiec says that VOTERS should be in charge of THEIR pocketbooks, purse strings and their CHILDREN’s education. As the owner of a business, she understands what it means to meet a payroll, pay expenses and balance the books. Her support of SCHOOL CHOICE benefits the poorest among us.
LeGrand has been involved in non-profits and “will support investment in renewable energy and green technologies.” That means she will grow government jobs and bureaucracies at the expense of my tax dollars and yours AND implement radical policies and lockdowns for questionable, unsubstantiated, and purely partisan “green” goals – basically, a “my way or the highway” approach. Moreover, she alluded to DEFUNDING opportunity scholarships for private education.
Joyce Krawiec is endorsed by The Susan B. Anthony List. “In response to extremist Democrats’ efforts in states like New York and Virginia to expand abortion on demand through the moment of birth and even infanticide, Joyce led the charge to pass legislation protecting babies who survive abortions. This compassionate bill passed both the House and Senate with bipartisan support before Governor Roy Cooper, shamefully, vetoed it. 
LeGrand, in contrast, is backed by the radical abortion lobby and will side with the radical abortion lobby and fellow pro-abortion Democrats against her own constituents. The choice is clear: “Senator Krawiec deserves the support of all pro-life voters in the 31st District,” stated SBA List Candidate Fund President Marjorie Dannenfelser, a North Carolina native.
Joyce Krawiec KNOWS how to “reach across the aisle.” In addition to being part of a bipartisan effort to protect babies who survive abortions, she worked with Democrat senators to pass a Voter ID bill to protect election security.
LeGrand is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Equality North Carolina, End Citizens United, Sierra Club and other extreme far left organizations … some funded by Shady “dark” money. Moreover, failed politicians like Stacey Abrams and radicals like Eric Holder (Obama’s self-described wingman) endorse her. Her endorsers will NEVER cede to working with “the other side” and will, in fact, lie, cheat and steal to achieve their radical anti-American goals.
Bottom line: Joyce Krawiec will support and defend our constitution and will govern in a way that protects my freedom and yours. LeGrand and other Democrats will continue to defund the police, radicalize our society and turn our country into a third-world hell-hole.

Anita Moody


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