Busta’s Person of the Week: 9-year-old Chelsey Wilson plans food and clothes drive for homeless children

Busta’s Person of the Week: 9-year-old Chelsey Wilson plans food and clothes drive for  homeless children
December 02
14:19 2020

By Busta Brown

“Mr. Brown, can you help me organize a clothes and food drive for kids that are homeless and don’t have a mommy or daddy? Let’s give them some mittens, hats and shoes, because it’s really getting cold. Also, let’s give them some food, because school lunch is the only meal a lot of kids get each day and I want to change that, “ said Chelsey Wilson. 

Chelsey is one of the students in my 4th grade radio and public speaking class. It’s a class filled with amazing scholars – future journalists, lawyers, doctors, local and national leaders, and anything else they desire to become. So, I wasn’t surprised with Chelsey’s request, because that’s what real leaders do. And she’s definitely a natural-born leader. 

“We should get a van and drive around to look for kids that need help, and give out little bags with food, tooth brushes, and stuff like that. It’s really sad that any child has to go through that. I know it hurts to be homeless,” Chelsey added. 

I was truly honored when she asked for my assistance, so of course I said yes. After returning home from school, she told her mom about our conversation and the very next day I received a call from Sarah Becker of Greater Vision Outreach Ministries in Thomasville. Sarah and I went on and on about the phenomenal Chelsey Wilson. After we boasted about the 9-year-old for about an hour, we eventually agreed to join forces to help make Chelsey’s vision become a reality. So, this winter there will be lots of warm smiles from children in Davidson County because of Chelsey Wilson.

To help you understand why Chelsey has such passion for homeless children, allow me to introduce you to her mother, Ms. Quincy Williams. “I lost both of my parents at a very young age. My mom when I was in the 3rd grade and my father in 5th grade, so that was a hardship for me coming up. My heart was broken into pieces and I felt lost. My grandparents raised me and taught me the importance of giving. We gave away clothes, food and anything else that was needed in the community. My grandmother was a true woman of God, so we did a lot of church. When she passed, those things stayed with me and I taught my daughter how to give and love as well,” said Quincy Williams. 

In 2019, they were blindsided with hardship when Quincy lost her job. “I wasn’t expecting it, nor was I prepared for it, which caused us to become homeless. And then our car broke down. It was a very challenging time for Chelsey and I. We were moving from place to place between friends and relatives. Some places were overcrowded, so we stayed at a hotel. I was a student, so my academics suffered greatly,” said Quincy.  

There were many days and nights Quincy felt defeated and wanted to give up. But a sweet little angelic voice became her inspiration and strength. “Chelsey was my best cheerleader. She would say, ‘Mommy, it’s going to be OK and get much better. You’ve always taught me that God will always come through for us, so I know he won’t let us down now.’ When I applied for jobs and didn’t get it, she would say, ‘You’ll get it next time,’” as she cried. 

Tears were streaming heavily down her face, yet she found strength to continue. “I need to share our testimony, because there’s so many single mothers going through what I’ve been through, and I’m here to tell them not be ashamed. I refused to allow the devil to laugh at me, and neither should any other single mother going through the struggle. And remember, what we give to our children, they will give back. When my daughter and I were struggling, she was always so supportive and caring. My grandmother raised me that way, and I passed it down to Chelsey. Everything we’ve been through only made her stronger, and it didn’t affect her mentally or academically. She remained at the top of her class,” added Quincy. 

As Quincy witnessed Chelsey’s tenacity and faith in God, she knew failure wasn’t an option. She put her pride aside and reached out to Greater Vision Outreach Ministries in Thomasville, which helps meet the essential physical and spiritual needs of working families who are struggling financially as they work to achieve self-sufficiency. “I was in the program for a year. They helped us with clothes, food and budgeting. After joining the program, we saw progress every week. I went from working part-time to full-time,” said Quincy. 

When she received her 2019 tax refund and stimulus check, Quincy did something so many of us don’t – she saved them and then created a strict budget. “I promised myself that I would never go backwards again! My daughter is amazing and she deserves everything God has blessed me to provide her with. So, I saved up every penny I had to make sure we were able to move into our own place and buy us another car. Things are going great, Mr. Brown! We’re so blessed right now. Chelsey and I always begin our morning with reading a scripture and we never go a day without saying I love you. 

“To all my single mothers, when you fall, get back up and do whatever it takes to never fall again. Keep going and keep growing. I feel so at peace in my spirit, because God has blessed me with an amazing daughter and I’ve learned to make my blessings work for us. Chelsey and I have a passion for giving, so I’m working on starting my own organization,” she said with a big, bright and warm smile. 

My phenomenal Persons of the Week are Quincy Williams and Chelsey Wilson. Dr. King said, “Intelligence plus character … That is the true goal of education,” and that’s you, Chelsey. I’m extremely proud of you and honored to be your teacher. 

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