Letters to the Editor: Dog tethering, South Ward race and Mr. Alumni

May 05
05:50 2016

Urgent need to ban dog tethering

To the Editor:

The recent arrest of a Selma woman on cruelty to animals charges after police reportedly found a dead dog chained in her yard, as well as other malnourished animals, high-lights the urgent need to ban dog tethering.

Chained dogs are often deprived of adequate food, water, shelter, and veterinary care and are exposed to all weather extremes. Many chained dogs have been shot, stabbed, poisoned, and set on fire, among countless other cruel fates, including hanging themselves over fences. They are also vulnerable to mange, heart-worms, and other maladies.

Unattended chaining is also a public safety hazard: Confinement and deprivation can make chained dogs aggressive and overly territorial. Chained dogs are nearly three times as likely to attack as dogs that aren’t tethered. Many children and senior citizens have been mauled or killed after venturing onto a chained dog’s turf.

More than 200 cities and counties around the country, including more than 20 in North Carolina, have enacted tethering ordinances. It is time for all municipalities that have not taken similar measures to protect dogs to join them.

Ashley Rhodes

Community Outreach Liaison

Cruelty Investigations Department

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Carolyn Highsmith deserves our vote in new South  Ward election

To the Editor:

I would like to offer support for Carolyn Highsmith of the South Ward. She’s the only one that is helping the people there with all of their needs.

She is a community leader, a Democratic Party precinct chair for #606, a great organizer, and a great in-service educator for the FC Senior Democrats . She helped the Konnoak Hill area through a series of fights against commercial rezoning of Peters Creek Parkway and efforts to reduce crime.

She has a history of helping the middle class. The 2013 tax evaluation that lowered residential homes and assets, she took it upon herself to advertise for anyone that wanted their homes re-evaluated to contact her. She had long lines at East Winston, Mazie Woodruff, and the central libraries, also the Carl Russell Recreation Center. Seniors had their homes re-evaluated and they won. She also helped with investments in urban schools as Winston-Salem Forsyth County School Board considered a bond referendum this year.

She’s very concerned about how employment opportunities were lost and the big companies that left this area. She’s worried that the biotech jobs may not benefit the middle class and that they will end up still with the low-paying jobs.

She’s very concerned about the past election and of all of the errors because of unqualified poll workers that could have stopped some of the errors if they had been trained properly.

I feel that it’s very unfair that the South Ward will have another election and the large amounts of ballots that were thrown out. These people voted and their vote will not count and nothing is being done about this, mostly because of poll workers not trained properly.

I suggest that you compare resumes for both candidates and see which one will help the South Ward more, then make your decision at the polls.

Constance Bradley

Winston Salem

Candidate for WSSU Mr. Alumni seeks support

To the Editor:

I am Mr. DeValdean Penn, Class of 1974 at Winston-Salem State University. I am running for Mr. Alumni 2016. This scholarship event will raise money for students to attend Winston-Salem State University and complete their education. I am asking for your financial support. No amount is too small. The event in which Mr. Alumni 2016 will be crowned will be during Homecoming festivities in October. I

need your help no later than Aug. 19.

The candi-date with the most financial support will win the crown. Your tax deductible contribution may be sent to Mr. DeValdean Penn, 525 Rockcliff Court, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27104. Please make your check out to: WSSU National Alumni Association or (WSSUNAA).

Thanks for your support. DeValdean Penn WSSU Class of 1974 Winston-Salem

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