Letters to the Editor: Elections and voter ID

Letters to the Editor: Elections and voter ID
August 04
07:20 2016

N.C. elections board says it’s reverting to old law, barring change on appeal

To the Editor:

We encourage all voters to stay informed of developments over the coming weeks.

Our agency is carefully reviewing today’s [July 29] decision from the Fourth Circuit.  Absent alternative guidance from the courts, voters will not be asked to show photo identifi-cation this election.  Early voting will run Oct. 20 through Nov. 5, and same-day registration will be avail-able at early voting sites.

If voters do not appear at their assigned precinct within their county, their vote will still count for all eligible contests.

However, to avoid voting a provisional ballot, we encourage voters to appear at their properly-assigned precinct on Election Day.

Counsel for the state are reviewing options on appeal.  Regardless of the outcome, our agency will continue to educate voters and prepare elections officials ahead of November.

State Board of Elections Executive Director

Kim Westbrook Strach Raleigh

Hillary Clinton is the best person to lead our country

To the Editor:

Hillary Clinton is the best person to lead our country forward because she believes Americans are stronger together. I’ve served the people of Winston-Salem in different roles and, since 1977, as a member of the Winston-Salem City Council.

I have dedicated my life to making our city a better – a place to raise a family, where we grow our economy together, where men and women are treated equally in the workplace and where we lift each other up – not drive one another apart.

Winston-Salem is a place that thrives on working together, on appreciating the uniqueness of our community, on realizing that our diversity is a source of strength to be proud of, and on ensuring that the American Dream is available to people in every ZIP code.  These are qualities that Hillary Clinton represents, especially because her central goal is to build an economy that works for all people, and not just those at the top.

In November, I will be honored to cast my vote for the first woman to be nominated by a major political party in the United States, and to stand up for an America that is stronger together, and where the families of our country come first.”

Winston-Salem Mayor Pro Tempore

Vivian Burke

House Democrats vow to protect citizens’ voting rights in N.C.

To the Editor:

Republicans passed the most oppressive Voter ID law and limited citizens’ voting right. It was a parti-san act that illegally blocked access to the polls in order to gain and retain power illegally.

In response, we filed H-239 to restore early voting days and H-240 to allow N.C. college ID to meet the voter ID requirement, but to no avail as Republicans simply refused to hear those bills.

We had to go to court to restore the most basic Constitutional right of citizens – the right to vote. It is appalling that citizens were intentionally deprived of their right to vote and, unfortunately, we can never restore those lost votes – but we will zealously pursue and continue to protect the unfettered right to vote going forward.  The challenge now is to provide the resources to fully inform the public.  It is a proven fact that when citizens vote, citizens win.

Rep. Larry D. Hall

N.C. House Democratic Leader Raleigh

Note: The House Democratic Caucus has been, and continues to be, active in the effort to protect voting rights for everyone, it says.

Working people can hold their elected officials accountable this November

To the Editor:

When conservative lawmakers in North Carolina took a scalpel to the voting rights of African-Americans in 2013, Working America members pushed back through collective action with petitions and rallies. Today’s [July 29] ruling is a huge victory for North Carolina’s working families and helps ensure voters in our state, regardless of race, have access to free and fair elections.

This decision stops injustice in its tracks. Despite state lawmakers’ best efforts, today’s decision removes another barrier to the ballot box and allows working people to hold their elected officials accountable by electing pro-working families candidates this November.

Carolyn Smith, Director

Working America-North

Carolina State Greensboro

Republicans vow to appeal ruling to U.S. high court

To the Editor:

Since today’s [July 29] decision by three partisan Democrats ignores legal precedent, ignores the fact that other federal courts have used North Carolina’s law as a model, and ignores the fact that a majority of other states have similar protections in place, we can only wonder if the intent is to reopen the door for voter fraud, potentially allowing fellow Democrat politicians like Hillary Clinton and Roy Cooper to steal the election.

We will obviously be appealing this politically-motivated decision to the Supreme Court.

Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham)

House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland)


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