Letters to the Editor: The Election

Letters to the Editor: The Election
October 27
04:15 2016

Vote John Larson for Winston-Salem City Council

To the Editor:

Nearly a year ago I became a member of the committee to elect John Larson to the City Council.  I have known John for years as a casual friend who was always responsive when I asked for help with an activity related to the South Ward.

This last year working with him on his election committee has of course increased facts I know about him, such as his 40-year residency in the South Ward, his 37-year tenure at Old Salem, and his significant volunteer ventures.

In addition, I learned to appreciate his high energy about matters of importance to him, his keen insights about issues related to the South Ward, his skill assessing and problem solving, and his ability to listen to what others had to contribute.

In short, John Larson has enjoyed being a candidate, including the stimulation and challenges inherent in the role.  During the long campaign he has knocked on over 4,000 doors in the South Ward, trying to get a clear picture of this very diverse part of our city.  He has expressed his surprise and delight over that diversity.

Throughout the campaign, John’s love and appreciation for the South Ward, Winston-Salem, and Forsyth County was unmistakable.  We are fortunate to have a candidate who, after his retirement from Old Salem in December, will without a doubt continue to be a creative, dedicated, enthusiastic, and insightful advocate for the people of the South Ward as well as the entire city.

Anne Griffis Wilson 


Marilynn Baker is right person for House Dist. 74

To the Editor:

I am writing to recommend Marilynn Baker for House District 74, who is running against incumbent Debra Conrad. The time has never been better to remove ineffective Republicans who have been too long in office and replace them with strong and educated leaders such as Marilynn Baker.

I know Marilynn Baker and see how hard she works, taking an active role to make our community better, from helping coordinate and generously supply the Educators Warehouse with supplies to help teachers who are facing budget cuts from the state, to working through her church to support those less fortunate in our community.

She does not just write a check, but rolls up her sleeves and gets to work to serve where she sees a need. She has listened to seniors and met with the regional AARP associate state director for advocacy and outreach to learn what our legislature needs to do to support our elderly citizens.

Marilynn clearly demonstrates the selfless servant leadership N.C. needs now.

The lines may be long to vote in this critical election, and the ballot is long, but it is imperative that we all take the time to vote and support our Democratic candidates who offer strong, sane leadership in these turbulent times.

Judie Holcomb-Pack 


Eric Morgan should remain as county judge

To the Editor:

I have known countless superior court judges throughout this State during the many years that I have practiced law and Judge Eric Morgan is unquestionably one of the best.

The really good superior court judges study and understand the law, listen and understand the arguments of both sides before ruling, strive to be fair and impartial what-ever the consequences, and treat everyone in the courtroom with respect. Those are the qualities of Judge Eric Morgan. It is not an easy job.

Judge Morgan has a strong edu-cation and experience foundation which prepared him to be an excel-lent superior court judge: Reynolds High School, Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Virginia, University of Texas Law School, with honors.

He has practiced law in Forsyth County beginning in 1991 and has served as a judge since 2014.

Judges and judicial candidates in North Carolina are rated in a survey by the N.C. Bar Association.  Judge Morgan had the highest rating in the State in the five contested superior court races.

It is sometimes difficult for voters who aren’t lawyers to know which judges to vote for, but this one is easy.  It isn’t even close. Judge Eric Morgan is one of the crown jewels of the North Carolina judicial system that we need to keep.

Richard V. Bennett


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