Editorial: Early voting provides chance to vote and get things done

Editorial: Early voting provides chance to vote and get things done
November 03
07:30 2016

Michelle Obama is “The Closer.” She worked in that capacity on last Thursday when she came to Winston-Salem to rally for Hillary Clinton. Clinton was there, too.

The first lady gave a passionate call to arms in making the case for Hillary Clinton. She gave her family background and that of her husband, President Barack Obama, and Clinton, the daughter of an orphan and small businessman.

She touched the hearts of the Democratic base. And she spoke about early voting.

“I want you all to crowd those places. I want you to remember that folks protested for our right to vote. They endured beatings for our right to vote.”

It appears she could see the early voting site at Forsyth Tech’s Mazie Woodruff Center, on Lansing Drive, that day.

“Are you with me? We’re going to stand in line!Go let your voice be heard!”

At the Mazie Woodruff Center, that’s what they did, stood in line with an average waiting time of an hour and a half.

(Other sites have recorded times from an hour to two hours.)

It didn’t seem to irritate people. In fact, it provided several opportunities for people in line.

Two people caught up on the happenings at church.

Two others talked about family matters, although it was not about their families.

Still others pulled their cell phones out and looked at movies, checked email and talked to others while waiting in line.

Some people talked about the voting process. One man thought a sign said “Photo ID required,” when it really said “No photo ID required.” A person in line pointed out that the “No” was blocked from his view.

Roland Martin of the TV One network morning show “News One Now” says bring your water and anything else you need to help you endure the lines.

The process appeared smooth last Thursday. There were just a lot of people in line, and a hefty ballot to go through. For early voting site information, go to

For those who plan to take advantage of early voting now through Saturday, Michelle Obama wants you to forge ahead.

“I urge you to please, please be encouraged … because we still live in the greatest country on this earth,” she said.

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