A Good Laugh

A Good Laugh
October 03
07:10 2022

By Cindi Argiento

More and more newspapers are reducing comics from a full page to half a page and making the print smaller. Smaller print is counter-intuitive as loyal readers are older, with failing eyesight and read large print books. Teeny  print is for teeny boppers who don’t even read the paper. 

Having the comics reduced has really screwed up my morning ritual because now with half a page of comics, I’m done reading before I’m done eating. Sure, I could put the muffin back, but I don’t want to. First, I would read the obits and cheer I wasn’t in them. Then I would read the advice column and scream at the girl complaining about her boyfriend. “Kick him to the curb!” I enthusiastically comment. 

Last, I would read the comics and laugh till I was done eating my muffin. It was like synchronized swimming. Read, laugh, eat. It’s what God intended us to do in the morning.

Now what will I read or do to pass the time? Read the sports? I don’t think so. Set my intention for the day? My intention used to be to read the paper and laugh at the comics and eat my muffin. Talk to my husband? I don’t think so; I yell enough at the girl in the advice column. 

Over the years my husband and I have shared laughter over comics that seemed to have been written about us. Reading one we would exclaim, “That’s you,” or “You do that,” convinced a hidden camera was in our house.

When you see yourself and can laugh, it’s a good thing. When you start your day with a laugh, it’s a good thing. Someone should remind the newspaper people of this because when I see myself without my muffin, it’s not a good thing. And it’s not funny.

Cindy Argiento is a freelance columnist, public speaker and playwright. To contact, book her as a speaker, or read about her play, “Stanley and Alice,” visit

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