A joyous occasion

A joyous occasion
November 30
07:00 2017

By Busta Brown

“This was a joyous occasion. We fellowship with each other while blessing families for Thanksgiving.”

Carolyn Hampton was speaking of the Paisley Park Alumni Association Speed Shopping for Families this past Tuesday at Walmart on Peters Creek Parkway in Winston-Salem. 

“We started at 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. We line up the carts, which I like to call our ‘Soul Train’ line, and then we begin shopping.” The Walmart manager on duty will give the association its own register to help the shopping flow smoothly and quickly.

Hampton said they have a lot of fun while shopping, and the customers loves their ‘Soul Train’ Line,  “Customers come up to us and ask what are we doing, and the comments are always positive. They say things like, ‘how nice it is that someone is thinking about those that are in need’ or ‘that’s so nice of your organization.’ I like to make fun. The association chooses two families from Cook and Kimberly Park elementary, Paisley Magnet, and Martin Luther King Recreation to buy groceries.

“It’s not just holiday food, its food to carry them for awhile. We buy enough food so the families can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for at least a week.” After the nearly three-hour grocery shopping spree, The Paisley Park Alumni Association delivers the food to the families. “We call before we come. The families greet us with love and appreciation, and the kids love to help carry the boxes of food inside.”

The association feeds families and brings the children toys for Christmas as well. Hampton said the schools choose different families for Christmas. “Some we give gift cards because we know the older kids want to pick out their own gifts. I love to wear my Santa Clause hat. It’s fun.”

Hampton said she loves delivering the food and toys. “I love seeing the smiles and feeling the warmth from the families. It makes me feel good to help others.”

Other Paisley Association Alumni are equally as excited to help feed the communities.  Park Juanita Penn said, “It’s a blessing to be a blessing.

James shared his thoughts as well. “I enjoy knowing the less fortunate than myself will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving without stress.”

Colista Green said, “I love to give back to the communities.”

Ronnie Amason shared, “I have been blessed and it’s good to give back.”

Eric Martin said, “To help others that can’t help themselves is something we all should do. It feels wonderful.”

“Helping others is a blessing to me,” said Robert Noble.

And Delores McGregor, shared, “Blessing others makes my heart, mind, and body feel good.”

Carolyn Hampton said, “The money to purchase the food and toys, comes from our fundraising events.” Most of the Paisley Park Association members are retired professionals, “It’s not the same people to volunteer each year. It’s always different,” said Carolyn, who is the chairperson for the Spirit Committee. The Spirit Committee is made up of the volunteers who put the Speed Grocery Shopping Spree together.

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