A prescription for the flu season

Dr. Ahunna Freeman

A prescription for the flu season
October 30
14:10 2019

FLU SEASON. It’s the busy season that wraps up the year and ushers us into a new one.  

You call it Flu Season; I call it “Sick Season.”  Flu season is generally the term used in healthcare for the Fall/Winter months due to the increased activities of illness from the influenza virus. Ironically, these months are arguably the most festive months of the year. 

Each year, we consciously make the effort to make it a healthier one than the previous. We take several steps to either prevent illnesses or avoid the transmission of illnesses to others. Some people get the annual flu shot, wash hands often, carry hand sanitizers around, or even avoid public places, while others rebuke flu shots, pray the flu away, or even dig out old unfinished antibiotics, just in case. 

Whatever measures each person chooses, they carefully do so with the intention to stay healthy. As a local community healthcare provider, it is always in my interest to wish my patients good health and longevity. Here I unveil an uncommon truth about preparing for the flu season: the importance of self-care, along with healthy habits, as the golden ticket.

Putting a few selfcare routines in place during this season not only rejuvenates, but also strengthens the immune system (your body’s fighting force). Below are suggestive ways to practice selfcare:

*Consistently get good quality sleep. With sleep, quality matters.

*Choose the healthier option for snacks/drinks/meals.

*Enjoy home cooked meals often.

*Avoid places and things that generate anxiety or disrupt your mental stability.  It’s okay to say “No.”

*Schedule a “me-time” for YOU!

*Create a simple exercise routine – walking, stretching, taking the stairs, etc.

*Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate with water!

*If possible, play with pets – this can be therapeutic to some. Quality time with kids or the elderly may provide a similar effect.

*Effectively organize/declutter. A planner or calendar can be used to schedule tasks and activities.

We owe it to ourselves to go beyond the publicized flu season agenda. Becoming intentional with these routines can likely minimize the impact of the Flu Season/Sick Season on our overall wellbeing – mentally and physically.  

This year, I encourage you to include selfcare to the preventive measures you have chosen as you embrace the flu season ahead!

Dr. Ahunna Freeman is a board certified geriatric pharmacist and the clinical director at Southside Discount Pharmacy in Winston-Salem.  She can be reached at or at 336-830-8774.

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