Actress speaks at Carver

Actress speaks at Carver
March 26
00:00 2013

Actress Bobbi Baker-James, whose credits include “Madea Goes to Jail” and “House of Payne,” recently spoke at Carver High School. She addressed students

Mrs. Baker-James interacts with students during the Academic Growth Celebration

Mrs. Baker-James interacts with students during the Academic Growth Celebration.

who showed academic growth during the last grading period.

A graduate of Western Carolina University and the Julliard School of Dance, Drama and Music, Baker-James said that education was important. She congratulated the students for their academic growth and encouraged them to continue to be responsible and remain in control of their learning.

“You have a choice. Your high school years are a window into the person you may become. When you get older, you will either reap the rewards for getting a good education or suffer the consequences for not doing your best in school,” she said.

Baker-James said that as a student, she often made the decision to forgo social events so that she could do well academically.

“When others were out partying and having a good time, I was in my room studying,” she said. “I took responsibility for my learning and now I’m reaping the benefits of my sacrifices.”

She said that her studying days are not over, as she is constantly working to better herself and her craft.

“My colleagues are major influences in my life,” she said. “I look at the lives of Denzel Washington and Kerry Washington on and off stage; I admire the work ethic of both of these stars. I often tell myself, if I want to be as successful as they are, I must commit myself to working as hard as they do. I must spend the time necessary to enhance my skills.”

The actress’ visit was arranged by Garrett Davis, founder/CEO of Gdavis Productions and the Forget Me Not Project. Davis is also the theater arts and drama teacher at Carver. Assistant Principal Barbara Burke developed the academic achievement celebrations, which are for students who improve their grades by certain percentage points from one grading period to the next.

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