Ain’t No Party Like a Yellow Jackets Party

October 11
00:00 2012


Homecoming Pep Rally brings out school spirit


Yellow Jacket pride was in full effect Friday, as Carver High School observed a time honored annual tradition: the homecoming pep rally.

The rally, held in the school’s auditorium hours before Carver’s victorious home game against Randleman, was filled with all the cheers, chants and enthusiasm that have become hallmarks of a Yellow Jacket pep rally.

“Carver High School traditionally has had a lot of school spirit,” Principal Ronald Travis said. 

Students had a break from the school’s new Standard Mode of Dress (SMOD) for homecoming week, trading in polo shirts and khakis for more casual attire. Many wore the school’s signature blue and gold; some even donned face paint.

Traditionally, pep rallies have been held to get the student body excited about sporting events, but Carver students walked in excited, so much so that few remained in their seats. The excitement level elevated as the school’s marching band made its way into the auditorium to a chorus of screams and applause. Cheerleaders lit up the stage with high energy routines, and dozens of students rushed to the stage to challenge about nine teachers in a group dance contest.

Later, members of the Homecoming Court were introduced as was the football team.

“We have the hypest pep rallies in Winston-Salem,” said Varsity Cheerleader Keesha Poe. 

There are exceptions, though. Travis pointed out that the first pep rally of the school year didn’t live up to the usual enthusiasm and sounded more like “a funeral.” Poe believes that pep rally was more subdued because students had mixed-feelings about the newly implemented dress policy.

But Friday’s event was one to remember, according to Student Government Association President Keith Fluitt.

“The pep rallies have been really exciting, but I think this is one of the best ones because everyone is really participating in it,” said Fluitt, who is also the Senior Class president.

Fluitt’s fellow students elected him Homecoming king. Kalynn Holder was elected Homecoming queen.

Carver Linebacker Joseph Miller said his fellow students did a great job getting him and the rest of the team fired up for that night’s game.

“It makes you feel good.” said Miller. “It makes you play harder because you have people looking at you and wanting you to do good.”

Carver football coach Melvin Palmer said pep rallies are an important tradition that help get his players excited and focused on the games they play.

“It  just lets these kids know how important football is, not only to our school but to our community,” he said.





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