Best business apps for entrepreneurs

Best business apps for entrepreneurs
March 02
13:17 2022

By Lucy Reed

As an entrepreneur, you likely wear many hats and juggle countless tasks every day. It’s difficult to imagine how you make time for the basics, such as eating and sleeping, when your business requires so much of you. Fortunately, some great apps are available to make your life easier. The Chronicle lists a few.

*FreshBooks Accounting. FreshBooks is ideal for small business owners who need to manage their finances more closely. The platform allows you to create an invoice to send to your client within seconds by typing in their email address. All your financial information is readily available for you to see, too.

*Trello. Trello is a great tool to use when organizing a project and keeping track of milestones. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who work with a team, as it’s accessible across multiple devices and has pleasing visual aesthetics. It keeps you on-task at all times.

*Slack. This instant messaging app lets you chat with your team in real-time. As a business owner, you can use it to communicate directly with everyone on your team at once by chatting on one of the many channels. It cuts down on emailing so frequently, giving you more time to devote to your business’s fundamentals and future plans instead of just handling daily tasks.

*Plaid. Plaid is a must-have. It allows you to process payments quickly while avoiding costly credit card fees. By integrating the Balance feature in your app or online payment system, you save money on fees while your customers feel safe that their funds are readily available for payment.

*Dropbox Business. Not only is the Dropbox Business app great for storing files, but it also allows you to share your favorite photos and videos with your team. The app automatically syncs your files for smooth collaboration. It also offers a scanning feature that allows you to use your smartphone as a scanner. This allows you to scan documents easily and keep critical paperwork organized.

*Adobe Acrobat. Multiple file types can slow down meetings and work completion. You can change all files to PDFs using a PDF converter app like Adobe Acrobat. You can also combine PDFs in a quick and straightforward process. Once you’ve converted the files, you can edit and rearrange the order of the individual pages, so they’re simple to find and read.

*QuickBooks Payroll. If you have employees, you can’t afford to overlook this top-notch app. QuickBooks Payroll is user-friendly, accessible online, and lets you run payroll with just the push of a button. It saves you money because you don’t have to pay a third party to process your payroll. This app is perfect for entrepreneurs looking for an alternative to expensive payroll services.

*Square. Point-of-sale software is the best way to manage your retail business, so consider getting Square. It’s easy to use and works with Android and iOS. You can process payments in person or online, so your customers never have to worry about safety when they’re buying from you. Also, it has a low transaction fee.

Boost Productivity With Apps. Use technology to help run your business with iOS, Android, and Chrome apps such as Plaid, Square, and Trello. These apps can improve efficiency and allow more time for self-care and business development and expansion.

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